ALERT: Be on the Lookout for Suspicious Person Visiting Jewish Institutions Across USA

August 8, 2016, 10:06 PM
SCN ( Secure Community Network, The Official Homeland Security Initiative for the American Jewish Community ) is warning Jewish synagogues and schools to be on the lookout for a very suspicious man who is visiting synagogues across the nation. He was spotted at  several synagoguess in Philadelphia including one  in Elkins Park, PA, a suburb of Philadelphia.SCN believes the man will continue moving east toward New York City, possibly making stops along the way at area synagogues and other institutions.  If you encounter this individual or observe his vehicle, please notify the local police immediately, then notify SCN at [email protected] or 212.284.6940.

Here are parts of the public service warning they issues:


This notification is being shared for your situational awareness and the information has been provided by law enforcement partners.  It has recently been reported that an Asian male is currently crossing the country, visiting Jewish organizations.  He has apparently visited Jewish Montessori schools, JCCs and synagogues in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and possibly other states.   At some institutions, he has interacted with staff members, at other locations he has walked up to the building and filmed the buildings (or portions thereof). Much of what this individual has posted on the Internet is somewhat innocuous however, some rhetoric has been rather inflammatory, bordering on disturbing or even threatening.  Law Enforcement entities have been alerted to this situation and are taking appropriate action.

We are asking all Jewish institutions to be on the lookout for this individual.  If he is seen around your facility, please do not approach him, notify your local police department about his presence and refer to this notice.  Please also immediately notify SCN.

* IMPORTANT NOTE:  Due to potential law enforcement investigative interests, DO NOT attempt to visit his internet postings.  Your attempts to do so might severely interfere with law enforcement investigative efforts.  This individual can be described as:

  • Medium height, 135 lbs
  • Approximately 50 years old
  • Light skinned – possibly Asian descent
  • Gray/black hair
  • Wispy beard/mustache


  • The individual was driving a late model dark blue sedan, California license plate 7PUC437,
  • The vehicle has several paragraphs of white writing wrapped around it (photo below).  The entire rear bumper of the vehicle is emblazoned with “Targeted Individual”
  • car

Again, if you encounter this individual, or observe his vehicle, please notify the local police immediately, then notify SCN at [email protected] or 212.284.6940.  If at all possible, avoid personal contact with this individual.  He may be suffering from some mental issues, and his behavior may be unpredictable.  If he approaches you first, be pleasant in your conversation with him, but end the conversation as soon as possible, and notify the local police as soon as practical.