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Mazel Tov to Leon Shear, an Auschwitz survivor, on His Bar Mitzvah!

Leon Shear, an Auschwitz survivor, never had the opportunity to celebrate his Bar-Mitzvah. Today residing in Ohio, Leon recently visited the camps in Poland...

Must Watch Video: Mazel Tov Alan!

The Musical Bar Mitzvah that Shocked Us All! This is the UNIQUE story, of a UNIQUE person, who had a UNIQUE Bar Mitzvah, with...

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How to Choose a Marriage Partner? – Rabbi Akiva Tatz

There are specific variables that are universally important when choosing a spouse. How can you know you're making the right decision? In a remarkable...

Almost There: Lipa Schmeltzer is 20 Days Away From Graduation From...

Wow - Congrats Lipa! You are an inspiration to all of us through everything that you do..

Yeshivat Frisch Remembers on Yom HaZikaron and Celebrates on Yom Haatsmaut

Never forget and Chag Sameach! [youtube]

The Philippines Love Israel!

Such good people who understand the value that is Israel.

Watch: Sam Bodenheimer in Berlin

NEW COMPOSITION - performed Monday and Wednesday nights in Berlin and Tel Aviv. Enjoy and please share!


Meet General Eliezer Shkedi....the former Commander of the Israeli Air Force. He's done so much for Israel , but when you ask him to...

A Father From Modiin Reflects on Yom Haatsmaut

"The feeling at the Modiin Yom Haatzmaut celebration tonight was absolutely electric. I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes...

Klal Yisrael Together at The Kotel on Yom Hazikaron

Thousands of Jews holding on to each other proclaiming their deep, heartfelt, Emunah in Hashem and His Moshiach?!

Check Out This Beautiful Hallel at SAR Academy

Hallel on the steps at SAR!

Awesome: “This Yom Ha’atzmaut Feels Different” – Michal Sklar

In a week from today, I’ll have the incredible privilege of making Aliyah! I decided to take a step back & reflect on why...

F35 Flying Over Jerusalem Now to Celebrate Independence

Has to make you proud!

Chag Sameach from KippaLive

Celebrating Yom Ha'atsmaut with song!