USA Engagement of Joe Schlesinger & Brittney Cohen on Wednesday, Jul, 23 2014
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UK IL Engagement of Nachama Rifka Orenstein & Meyer Simcha Koplowitz on Monday, Jul, 21 2014
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shulamit neufeld: Was delighted to hear the good news. Heartiest Mazeltov and regards, Shulamit Neufeld
5 hours - 38 minutes ago
USA Engagement of Heather Levine & Larry Levy on Saturday, Jul, 19 2014
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USA Engagement of BATSHEVA KREISER & YISROEL NEUBERG on Friday, Jul, 18 2014
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IL Engagement of Yosef Chaim Stefansky & Arielle Rabinowitz on Friday, Jul, 18 2014
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USA Birth of PRINCESS to Chaim Yanky & Perela (Herzberg) Rottenberg on Monday, Jul, 14 2014
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:) Shmeichel (: : MAZELTOV!!! We are in utter SHOCK here!! Just can't believe you finally got your girl! Lotsa nachas from her and the rest. And of course, Mazel tov to all the big brothers. YY, C, & Y
Monday Jul 14th 2014
Mazel Tov mazel Tov: Mazel Tov!! Much nachas from your long awaited princess......We know what it feels like having been there not too long ago. Lots of nachasfrom you entire clan The Schwartz's
Tuesday Jul 15th 2014
UK Wedding of Jonathan Chernick & Yael Goldman on Sunday, Jul, 13 2014
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Bracha Kahan: Hey Jonny and Yael! it was a beautiful wedding on Sunday!! May you have many happy years together! Love Yanky, Bracha and the kids
Wednesday Jul 16th 2014
USA Engagement of Dina Zahler & Mattis Gluck on Sunday, Jul, 13 2014
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Malka rochel Horowitz: Uncle Mattis!!!! We are so excited.... From R,S,S,S and D!!!!
Sunday Jul 13th 2014
Mazel Tov!!!!!!!!!: MAZEL TOV DINA!!!!! I'm really happy & excited for you! May you be zoche to build a bnb filled with bracha & hatzlacha! :) Love, me (btw :(:) sends a huge mazel tov too... heehee :)
Sunday Jul 13th 2014
Chavie Nulman: Mazel Tov Dina!!!!!!!!! And the whole Zahler family! We so so happy for you! May we always continue to share in many more simchos together. From the Nulmans and Rosenwassers.
Monday Jul 14th 2014
USA Upsherin of Chaim Houten on Sunday, Jul, 13 2014
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The Kagans: Mazel Tov may you continue to be a source of NACHAS for the entire family and all of klal yisrael. Love the Kagan Klan
Sunday Jul 13th 2014
Engagement of chezky wagner & sara lamm on Friday, Jul, 11 2014
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Friday Jul 11th 2014
yikes!!!!!!!! omg!!!: ROOMIE!!!!!!! AHHH!!!! MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!!!! SOOO XCITING!!!!!!!!!
Sunday Jul 13th 2014
USA Engagement of Ari Platt & Elianna Wolf on Thursday, Jul, 10 2014
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Jacob Katz: Mazel tov to Ari amazing news last platt wedding this years
Friday Jul 11th 2014
USA ZA Engagement of Binyamin zwickler & Gavi Bohan on Tuesday, Jul, 08 2014
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UK Engagement of Charlotte Sinclair & Moshe Chaim Goldsobel on Friday, Jul, 04 2014
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USA Bris of Jacob Meir Weissman on Wednesday, Jul, 02 2014
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IL Aliyah of Nefesh B'Nefesh on Wednesday, Jul, 02 2014
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USA Engagement of Esti Tenenbaum & Eli Weiss on Tuesday, Jul, 01 2014
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Bashi Levin: *No twisty ties. that was a typo...
Monday Jul 14th 2014
Eliana Cohen: MAZEL TOV ESTI!
Wednesday Jul 16th 2014
Yehudis Tawil: Mazel tov! So nice to see your name up here!
Friday Jul 18th 2014
USA Wedding of Taly Silverstone & Gili Friedman on Sunday, Jun, 29 2014
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Mazal Tov! Spring valley : Mazal Tov Wishing you all the happiness today and always . You had a beautiful wedding. We enjoyed it every single moment.
Wednesday Jul 9th 2014
USA Engagement of Jessica Silverman & Avrumie Hoenig on Saturday, Jun, 28 2014
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Engagement of Ariella Spector & Matan Fridman on Friday, Jun, 27 2014
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Dassi Schlachter: mazel tov!!
Friday Jun 27th 2014
USA Engagement of Ari Schwartz & Jordana Kriegsman on Friday, Jun, 27 2014
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