Chaim Sholom Holczer

New York, NY, USA USA

CA Graduation of Chaim Sholom Holczer on Thursday, May, 29 2008
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Eva Holczer: Chaim, mazal tov to you and Y.M. at siyum of masechtes megila-a true milestone in your life, and mine. in awe, your mother
Monday Jul 28th 2008
Dina Gottesman: Chaim, mazal tov on your graduation and for your siyum. Both are an example that hard work and perseverance pays off. Good luck with all your future endeavors. Dina and Daniel
Sunday Aug 31st 2008
Roddy Bodden: Leon, Mazal Tov on you graduation and new job. I am starting my CFY next week. Keep in touch. R.
Monday Sep 15th 2008