David & Dassa Katz

Brooklyn, NY, USA USA

USA Birth of Rivka to Shuey and Shifra (Parnes) Saks on Saturday, Mar, 31 2007
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David & Dassa Katz: Mazal Tov!!!!! Meir is so excited to meet his new cousin! We can't wait to see her! (Shifra, im so jealous of you!) Love, David, Dassa & Meir
Saturday Mar 31st 2007
Ditza Vadnai: Wow, I didn't expect that!!! MAZEL TOV!!! I am so happy for you! I was wondering if you'd have a baby by my wed but she'll be two months so y'ih you'll be able to come! I hope all is well! May she give you only nachas and shetizku legadla l'torah, l'chupah u'lmaasim tovim! Take care, Ditza
Sunday Apr 1st 2007
USA Pidyon HaBen of Meir (David & Dassa) Katz on Friday, Mar, 09 2007
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Sarah & Jerry Boxer: MAZEL TOV!!! Knayna Hara! Dassa's a mommy!! wow,he's beatiful! May he bring you both much nachas till 120! Love, The Boxers :) (donowitz)
Sunday Mar 11th 2007
Daniel & Djilda Faintuch: Mazal tov! He's precious! Dassa, you look great and you're a mommy :) Love, Djilda
Monday Mar 12th 2007
Estie Stern: Dassi, you look amazing and your baby is yum, he's already half the size of you. Mazel tov! Estie (Siegal)
Sunday Apr 1st 2007
USA Bris of Meir to David & Dassa(Saks) Katz on Wednesday, Feb, 14 2007
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Sarah Maryles: mazel tov!!
Wednesday Feb 14th 2007
avia n elharar: Mazal Tov!!!
Thursday Feb 15th 2007
Michal (lefko)oelbaum: mazal tov!its michal lefkowitz from JERUSALEM..hes so cute! yummmmmm....thinkin about u..
Thursday Feb 15th 2007