UK Engagement of Simi Turkel & Avi Dunner on Tuesday, Jun, 13 2006
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Reizy W: SIMMI!!!Can't believe this is true! so all the kids from 46 are engaged...! heard you lookd amazing at the engagement, cant wait to bump in to you... May you build a Bais Neeman Bisroel best wishes. Reizx
Monday Jun 19th 2006
yael chana c toledano: Simcha fradel!! im so sorry i havent written or spoken to you sooner its mamush cutzpah of me!;)firstly i wish you a massive mazal tov, and wish you much hatzlacha in your new life together, maybe cum to camp as shabbos guests? just kidding! so happy for you both-mazal tov again aml yael chanaxxxx
Tuesday Jul 11th 2006
Mazal k Tov: 'simchele, fredile and yossile dunnerle what a cute coupleeee'. we just want say may all your TEFILLOS that u davened so hard for (in moat mount centre) be answered letovah.....shacaris, mincha, 2 maarivs, tehillims, post havdallah and all the in between prayers......Mazal tov and can't wait 4 the dinner!!!!lol lol and Looking forward to camp... being with simcha (baila) fraidel semi circle................ lots of love chana tamara, shulamit kayla and hadassa xxxxxx
Monday Jul 17th 2006