USA Engagement of Chaviva Waxman & Moshe Verschleisser on Sunday, Aug, 21 2011
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Boruch Schechter: MAZEL TOV. I haven't been on this site in months and then I get a message from your mom. WOW. I'm so happy for you. I won't be able to attend the vort, but please Hashem let me get to the chasseneh. Best to all of you and a kesivah ve'chasseneh tovah.
Sunday Sep 11th 2011
tuvie berk: WOW!!! beautiful! I'm so happy for u guys, enjoy!! lookin forward to da weddddddding
Monday Sep 12th 2011
Eliezer Langer: Mazal Tov. YRShTBNB'Y.
Sunday Oct 30th 2011
USA Graduation of Touro College Occupational Therapy on Tuesday, Sep, 18 2007
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Chaviva Waxman: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!
Tuesday Sep 18th 2007
T V: Yay Fish!
Tuesday Sep 18th 2007
USA Engagement of Yoni Frommer & Tzivi Gottlieb on Sunday, Jun, 24 2007
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Sarena Kopciel: Mazel tov! Mazel tov! I am so happy for you. Only simchos!
Tuesday Jul 3rd 2007
ROCKY,YEEDLE AND BARUCH NEIMAN: hey mazel tov great news sorry only posting now love the neimans rocky yeelde baruch
Thursday Nov 8th 2007
Eli Frommer: Mazel Tov!
Monday Nov 26th 2007
USA Graduation of Dr Eli Frommer - SUNY Stony Brook on Thursday, May, 17 2007
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sherrie Golda Neustein: Mazel tov Dr. Frommer! Sounds nice! Always remember that as pediatricians we never forget the little people !!! Much hatslacha in residency!!
Thursday May 17th 2007
Elisheva Gold: Mazal tov! now that u r a doctor i have a question. i have thing growing out of.... just kidding. mazal tov again. love, The Shabo's
Tuesday Jun 12th 2007
Elana & Moshe Stamm: mazal tov Eli---too cool!
Sunday Jun 17th 2007
USA Engagement of Sprintza M & Iluy F on Sunday, May, 06 2007
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shira katz: mazel tov! i am so happy for you! love , shira katz (kinderlehrer)
Wednesday Jun 13th 2007
Jason Sharf: Mazel Tov!!!
Wednesday Aug 29th 2007
Michael Raff: Mazel Tov. So happy to hear this great news.
Saturday Oct 13th 2007
USA Bris of Meir Yaakov (to Josh & Racheli) Waxman on Monday, Oct, 04 2004
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Chaviva Waxman: Hi Meir. Welcome to world. I LOVE your blog! It’s really funny. Taking after your old man I see. By the way, I think your “list” is up to 10 already. 2 more girls were just added. Send my love to your parents.
Sunday Oct 24th 2004
Boruch Schechter: A belated, but hartzedig, mazel tov on the birth of Meir Yaakov. He should be a source of Yiddishe Nachas to his parents and grandparents.
Saturday Jul 15th 2006
USA Wedding of Racheli Mittelman & Josh Waxman on Wednesday, Jul, 24 2002
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Talya Ladell: Hey Guys! Mazal Tov! I love you guys so much!
Saturday Jul 12th 2003