USA Aliyah of Jon & Leah Jacobson & Family on Tuesday, Aug, 16 2011
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Tzvi & Tamar Zelcer: MAZEL TOV! We love you so much and are so proud of you! Hope we can all join you there soon!
Wednesday Aug 17th 2011
Raizy Eskin: Hatzlacha Rabba in your new home. All the best. May it be an easy transition for you. Raizy and Bill Eskin
Tuesday Aug 30th 2011
yossi friedman: Mazel tov
Tuesday Aug 30th 2011
USA Birth of Raizy (Chana Raizel) to Tzvi & Tamar Zelcer on Sunday, Sep, 23 2007
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USA Wedding of Meira Bennett & Reuven (Eliot) Burkom on Thursday, Nov, 24 2005
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tova taragin: mazel tov Meira and chosson...from your third grade Morah Taragin..m.t. to your parents also (and grandmother)
Thursday Nov 24th 2005
g c berry: Meira, you looked like a queen - so regal and refined and beautiful! We wish you and Reuven much joy as you build a bayis neeman, and nachas to your wonderful parents! Mazel tov! Fondly, Galia & Joe Berry
Thursday Nov 24th 2005
Celia j Minkin: Meira - we remember you so well from your days in Queens when you were just a baby. Your mother was so crazy about you. Mazal tov to you and much nachas to your wonderful parents, who were so kind to us. Love, the Minkins PS - I remember their apartment, and walking up to the 5th floor on shabbas in the hot, hot summertime.
Friday Nov 25th 2005
USA Birth of Baby Boy to Chanoch & Ilana Hoenlein on Sunday, May, 15 2005
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tova taragin: Mazel tov Ilana, Chanoch and the girls...Baila and Murray and the Hoenleins!! Love, Tova and Alan Taragin
Tuesday May 17th 2005
Beth a Leder: Mazel Tov!! From the Leder family
Tuesday May 17th 2005
ahuva m klein: Mazel Tov on the new BOY!!! if you feel like you need some more blue you can come over here to get some. we have to start planning some play dates. we dont want to wait to long! Mazel tov to all the little girls. and ofcourse to teh parents and grandparents. love, Chavie, Isaac, Tamary, Shimy, Ahuva, Ezri, Esti, Yair, Yoni, and Netanel Klein
Tuesday May 24th 2005
CA USA Birth of Baby Boy to Evan & Brochie (Katz) Gutterman on Wednesday, Sep, 08 2004
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Dvorah Katz: Hi Pookie! Welcome to the world! You are the mushiest, yummiest, most adorable nephew ever! (besides for Gersh and Yossi) Luv and kisses, your favorite Tante Michal
Sunday Sep 12th 2004
Beth a Leder: Mazel Tov!! We are so happy to hear the great news. May he bring you much nachas. Enjoy enjoy every minute, it goes by fast. Beth, Scott, Chana-Shayndel, and Moshe-Shmuel
Monday Sep 13th 2004
Eli and Marissa Siegel: Mazel tov guys, I heard at the YIKGH 730 shacharis minyan about it. We are so excited. Baruch hashem we just had a boy too a month ago. Look forward to having the kids meet each other! :)
Tuesday Sep 21st 2004
USA Bat Mitzvah of Carol Jacobson on Friday, Mar, 12 2004
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Friday Mar 12th 2004
Aliza Genauer: Mazal Tov to you and your entire family on this wonderful simcha. Ezra and Aliza Genauer
Saturday Mar 13th 2004
Ruth M: Hi! You probably don't remember me but we met at the last Maimon Family Reunion. Wishing you a happy Bat Mitzvah, Ahuva Maimon.
Saturday Mar 13th 2004
CA Birth of Baby Girl to Srayah and Shana (Lustman) Sobol on Monday, Feb, 09 2004
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penina y sobol: Dear baby Ayelet- welcome to the world! and to our family -we are so excited about your arrival! mazal tov Shana and Srayah - may all your GIRLS bring you nachas! We love you and can't wait see the new baby!
Thursday Feb 12th 2004
shoshi fader: dear family, may it only be simchas!!MAZEL TOV!!!!!
Tuesday Apr 26th 2005
shoshi fader: dear family, may it only be simchas!!MAZEL TOV!!!!!
Tuesday Apr 26th 2005
USA Birth of Yonit Ahuva Jacobson (Jon & Leah) on Thursday, Aug, 21 2003
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Phran D Edelman: Mazel Tov! This was my first time on only simchas and I'm so excited that I actually know someone! I hope those Lamazze classes 12 years ago came in handy (oh that's right, you always left to see Northern Exposure instaed.) Mazel Tov!!!! Love, Adam & Phran and kiddos
Friday Aug 22nd 2003
Sarah (Feld) & Etan Walls: Mazal Tov! We are so happy to hear the news, and can't wait to meet her. Love, Sarah and Etan
Saturday Aug 23rd 2003
Aliza Genauer: Mazal Tov! What wonderful news (actually old news by now but I just saw the posting). We are so excited to meet Yonit! Love, Ezra and Aliza
Wednesday Aug 27th 2003
USA Birth of Baby Girl Maimon (Menachem & Judy) on Monday, Jun, 09 2003
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Simon S Springer: Congratulation Menachem and Judy from the Springer family
Monday Jun 9th 2003
Tzvi & Tamar Zelcer: Dear Menachem, Judy, Sophie, and AJ, Mazel Tov on your new daughter/sister! May you have much nachas and may we continue sharing "family" simchos! Love, Tamar and Tzvi p.s. Mazel tov to her Bubby, Nona, Papu, aunts, uncles, and cousins, too!
Tuesday Jun 10th 2003
chaya maimon: mazal tov from the brooklyn maimons! may you only have nachat from your new bundle of joy! yossi, chaya, abie and naftali maimon
Tuesday Jun 10th 2003
USA Birth of Baby Boy Flamm (to Efy and Penina) on Tuesday, Mar, 25 2003
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Steve Goloskov: MAZEL TOV! How many guestbooks do you have?
Thursday Mar 27th 2003
USA Birth of Leah Ita Hoenlein (to Ilana & Chanoch) on Thursday, Jan, 09 2003
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Monday Jan 13th 2003
susan samet: hi guys! mazel tov from the Samet's at 1255 East 32nd Street Brooklyn (sara & shua's next door neighbor's) we were so excited for you! take it from us "there's nothing like little girls!' love susan, heshey & shira aviva! lots of nachas and hoping for "sleepy" nights!
Tuesday Jan 14th 2003
Avi Frier: Mazal Tov!!! We just had a girl too. Check out out pictures at Hope all's well! Sharon & Avi Frier
Thursday Feb 20th 2003
USA Birth of Avital Nina Lustman (Jeremy & Tamar) on Tuesday, Dec, 31 2002
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Sarah (Feld) & Etan Walls: Mazal Tov Lustman Family, we are VERY happy to hear the good news.
Tuesday Jan 7th 2003
Jamie and Aaron Rubin: Mazel tov to you and your families! You should have much nachas, a lot of fun, and lots of sleep! :)
Tuesday Jan 7th 2003
Alicia and Jason Broth: Mazel tov, Tamar and Jeremy. We are so excited for you guys and cannot wait to see pictures of Avital! Love, Alicia, Jason, Jocelyn & Noah
Wednesday Jan 8th 2003