For the past 2 months the media has speculated that “Trump Supporters” were behind the JCC bomb threats, now the FBI has announced that they have arrested Juan Thompson in connection with at least eight bomb threats made against JCC’s. According to the FBI, Thompson left the threats as part of a cyberstalking “campaign.”it turns out that the exact opposite seems to be the case.

A Twitter account owned by Juan Thompson claims some threats were made by his ex-girlfriend. Juan Thompson Twitter account claims that  his ex-girlfriend made the bomb threat in his name.

Although it turns out that he made the bomb threats himself, in an attempt to make it seem like his ex-girlfriend was framing him. Instead he was trying t frame his girlfriend, for framing him. Stick with us folks it gets complicated.  Thompson Twitter account is also filled with messages about the JCC bomb threats, including a mention that he disagreed with the bomb threats.

It seems like Juan was very concerned about the kids. The same kids who according to the FBI and DOJ, he scared by placing these JCC bomb threat calls.

The FBI complaint against Thompson also shows examples of many Anti-Trump and anti-Republican tweets.The theory being that he did these heinous acts to accomplish two goals. One being to get his girlfriend arrested for a few felonies, the second being, satisfying his apparent hatred for Trump while feeding media speculations that these hateful acts and “uptick in anti-Semitic attacks” are being perpetrated a Trump supporter.

His Twitter account includes allusions to Trump’s death. On February 8th he created a poll asking “Would the world be better off if Donald Trump had a heart attack and died?”

The tweets also contain some very ANTI Trump Tweets including calling for his death.



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