Engagement of Sruly Edelstein & Racheli Jankelowitz

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010 Jerusalem, IL

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  • Brenda Kamenetsky:

    JANX!!!!!! My almost co-roomie!!! I cannot believe this Ur engaged!!!!! Sometimes at night I still hear u talking thru the walls.. Lol jk - u looked so gorgeous at the vort last night! So happy! May you and ur lucky lucky (did I say lucky?) Chosson continue to always be this happy and healthy together ! Love u tonz - still smiling... Luv always and forever ur Breeeendyyyy!

    Thursday Nov 11th 2010
  • Miriam Perl:

    Mazal Tov Racheli!!!!! wow im really happy for u!! hope u enjoy ur vart pics lol... may u & ur chosson know only true happiness mazal & bracha!!!

    Thursday Nov 11th 2010
  • Shana Zlotowitz :):


    Wednesday Nov 10th 2010
  • Shira Lichter:

    Mazel tov rachelli!! u were such a gr8 neighbor i miss having u down the hall... U and ur lucky chosson should build a bnbyisrl!!

    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • Meira Muller:

    MAZAL TOV!!! I was so happy to hear this beautiful news! You are really such a special person, and I wish you all the bracha in the world!!! Love, Meira Muller (i was in shana bais when u were in meohr!)

    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • Shoshana Rietti:


    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • Abbey Lewis:

    Mazel Tov, Janx!!! I'm so, so excited for you! I can't stop smilin every time I think about it...YAY!! May you have bracha and simcha and shalom and all good things :)

    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • Zissy Kaufman:

    Mazal Tov so nice to hear!! May you have much bracha and hatzlachah and build a bayis neeman b'yisroel! Mazal Tov!

    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • malki d kaniel:

    MAZAL TOV!!!!! im so so happy for you i cant wait to dance at your wedding may you build a bais ne'eman byisroel and have only simchas

    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • ruti r rappoport:

    mazal tov racheli!!! was so nice to hear the news at 7 30 this morning with talya an shani running through the halls screaming! wishing you lots of brocha and simcha!

    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • mazal tov:

    janxssssss!!! yankelovitch!!! RACHEEELLLLii!!!! Hashem must love your chosson because he got the best girl in the whole wide world. Your smile reflects your golden heart, and we totally rocked out the nursing home last year. Biggest mazal tov..... and may all the glitter and sparkles from this simcha stay with you forever and ever......... xoxo tammy

    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • Michal E:


    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • Mazel Tov:

    You did it Rochellie!!!! We are so excited for you! Sruly, welcome to the most AMAZING family in Brooklyn!!!You are really getting the best of the best! We're looking forward to you joining the crew! Yitzchok, Chani & Raphael Zev Janks

    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • chevet wolfson:


    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • Blumie Stein:


    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • Shoshana and Mordechai Diskind:

    Mazel Tov! We are thrilled to hear this wonderful news!!! May we continue to share in many more simchos together in the future! Shoshana and Mordechai Diskind and family

    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • Chavie fruchter:

    Rochellie Mazel Tov Mazel TOV!!! good thing chevy told me yesterday before i went on to onlysimchas and to see the post that ur engaged wow its so exciting....im so happy for u!!! enjoy every minute of it cant believe im missing the wedding but youll b a gorgeous kallah iyh i know that much!! hope u moving to holy land so we can rly get to c eachother...wishing u much happiness and all the best

    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • risi rothman:

    MAZAL TOV Rochellie!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! YOu should have all the brachos in the world & build a bnb.

    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • s f weinstein:

    mazal tov. maaaaaaaazaaaaaal tov.. one of my best friends are engaged W0O00O0OO0H0O0OO00OO00O0O :) I CANT MISS THIS WEDDING ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. janxterrr really im so000000000000000 happy for u!!!!!!!!!!! u only deserve the best and this is the most amazing news ever !!!!(thanks for just throwing it on me the other day......... lol!!!) WE MUST GOTO VASIKIN AND RIMON AND HAVE 50 KUMZITS TO CELEBRATE LOL. oh wait we cant cuz ur not here!! MAZAL TOV MISHPACHAS JANKELOWITZ!!!! UR PRINCESS IS ENGAGED!! IM GLOWING!!!!!! and sad im not there but thats another story :) SARIII JOB WELL DONE! miss u guys so much and only simchos x0x0ox0x0x0x0ox0ox0o luv u soo0oooooooooo much

    Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
  • Feigel Beigel:

    Mazal tov from all the Feigelsteins, although Shua has nothing at all to do with this post. Great shidduch, I must say...the Master Shadchan does it again! Keep smiling! May your simcha last forever!

    Monday Nov 8th 2010
  • L Reisz:

    MAZAL TOVVVVV ROCHELLIE(i think i got that right)and SRULY!!!!yes tonight might not have been the bigest shock for me but its still made my wk!you guys make the cutestttt couple:) MAY YOU BUILD A BNB TOGETHER AND ALWAYS BE AS HAPPY AS U WERE TONIGHT!!! n now for rivky-the lchaim was beautiful but definatly not the same with out u-believe me we felt ur absence:(

    Monday Nov 8th 2010
  • Amiela Shiff:

    RACHELLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAZAL TOV!!! I have not stopped smiling all day...well no actually since yesterday when you almost gave me the shock of my life when you nonchalantly told me my lil rachelli is getting engaged(ill never look at a pink label changing room without remembering that BTW:)!!!!! Feels like yesterday we were sitting on the Canteen counter or tye dying or talking till all hours of night and morning!! I'm so glad ''thee CUTEST guy in the world from flatbush'' now has a name!! Sruli-absolutely no words do rachelli justice!! She is the best best of the best of the best in every single way..and by the size of her smile and her glow and sparkle in her eyes I can tell you must be a special guy!! May Hashem showere both of you with all the goodness in the world!! May you have ONLY simchas mazal brachah health wealth love laughter and everything incredible till 120...noo pressure or anything but I WILL be in israel next year so ya...:) maybe all those jokes about having you while I'm in sem weren't so jokey after all. Anyways mazal tov mazal tov again I am so totally thrilled and excited for you! Cannot wait for the wedding! Rachellllliii!!!! Your gettting marrrrrriiiiied! all my love! Amiela.

    Monday Nov 8th 2010
  • dina fleischman:

    mazel tov rochellie!!!!! may you have much bracha and hatzlacha and be zoche to build a bayis neeman biyisrael!!! dont make th ewedding feb 9 pleeez love dina!

    Monday Nov 8th 2010
  • Rach M.:


    Monday Nov 8th 2010
  • rechi lipsett:

    Janx!!!! Mazel Tov!!!!

    Monday Nov 8th 2010
  • malkie flamm:

    Mazel tov racheli!!!! Sooo xcited 4 u!! May u and ur chosson share in only bracha and simcha 2gether and b zoche 2 build a b"nb :)

    Monday Nov 8th 2010
  • chanie dalezman:

    MAZAL TOV RACHELI!!!!! i was so happy to hear the awesome news!!! may you always be as happy as you are now and may you have much bracha and onlysimchas!!!

    Monday Nov 8th 2010
  • Renee Hauer:

    Sruly-MAZEL TOV!!! MAZEL TOV!!! Edelsteins- we're so thrilled for you! and Jankelowitz's, just know that you are getting the greatest son in law... and machatonim- we speak from experience. Mazel tov again... --The Hauer Family

    Monday Nov 8th 2010
  • chava o:

    mazel tov rachelli! ( that's how i spell it!) This is such such such nice news! Beverly Hills will just not b the same with you all engaged and married! Mazel tov and may you b zoche to build a bayis neman byisroel! Can't wait for the wedding!

    Monday Nov 8th 2010
  • rivky edelstein:

    Just for the record its not Racheli its ROCHELLIE (that was 4 u srul!!) MAZEL TOV BRO and SIS!!!! Wow jst feel free to get engaged without me...it must b some real party without me ;-) ye I can't imagine it bein too much fun if I'm not there that's the only comforting thought...I miss u guys so much wish I was there ur the most adorable amazing gorgeous couple to ever be posted on onlysimchas!! And maybe if you would actually send me pics I'd believe what I just wrote!enjoy every minute of it!!! All my love xoxo

    Monday Nov 8th 2010

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