Engagement of Chaviva Mittelmann & Aaron Kutnowski

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Estee Nacson (Nemetz): omgomgomgomgomgmogomgomgomgomg!!!! ahhhhhhhhh mazel tov!....who am I kidding did you really think I did not expect this? don't worry, we're still happy for you guys and we wish you ONLY good things! Mazel tov again (ariel wrote this so estee is not crazy) Love Estee and Ariel
Sunday Nov 14th 2010
Rikki Pasternak: Mazal Tov Viva-Vavi! I'm so happy for you (and your fiancee)! You're going to have to bring him to New York so that I can meet him (and see you again) - Rikki Pasternak
Sunday Nov 14th 2010
Heidi Fine: Dear Chaviva and Aaron, Mazel Tov and best wishes on your engagement. May you share only simcha, bracha and a happy healthy life together. Wow, a wonderful year for the Mittelmanns, Fines and Kutnowskis, may we continue to share only simcha together lots of love Heidi and Dani
Saturday Nov 13th 2010
tzippy fine: hey chaviva and aaron!! wow!! im sssoo happy 4 u guys!!!! mazel tov!!!
Thursday Nov 11th 2010
Gavriel Mandel: Dearest Chaviva and Aaron, We are so happy with you guys! With, not for. We think that you're a very special couple. I (Deena) am so excited to be at your wedding! May your love only blossom and deepen! Lots of Love, Deena and Gavry
Wednesday Nov 10th 2010
Ethan M Eisen: Mazal Tov!
Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
Eli & Bati Perl: Mazel tov Chaviva!!!
Tuesday Nov 9th 2010
Malka (Sharifian) Azatchi: mazal tov chaviva!! bracha ve hatzlacha! :) malka s azatchi ( we went to sternberg together-older pioneers!)
Monday Nov 8th 2010
chani a: mazel tov shira!!!!!! luv, chani (email..... meiras bday.... conference)
Sunday Nov 7th 2010
Shira Mittelmann: MAZEL TOV!!!! Woohhoooo i am the first to comment! OMG i cant beleive my sister is actually engaged! like having a wedding type! Any ways, may you have many more wonderful filled years together. (I am going to have a bro-in-law!!!!!!) I AM SO EXCITED FOR BOTH OF YOU!!!! congrats, SHIRA
Sunday Nov 7th 2010


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