Engagement of Neda Zargari & Dr Alfred Lavi

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Liora Shofet: Mazal Tov! The wedding was beautiful. Wishing you and Neda many years of happiness and bracha. We hope to have you for Shabbat soon! :) Bobby, Liora, Tova, and David Zvi Refua
Monday Mar 8th 2010
jenous manesh: Mazal Tov Dr. Lavi! We are both so happy for you! May you live a life together filled with happiness, good health, and bracha.
Sunday Jan 3rd 2010
khavar khalili: hi daye joon, and zan daye joon, you guys rock! you dont know how excited we are, and how much we love you. neda joon welcome to the family:)
Sunday Dec 20th 2009
Liora Shofet: Mazal Tov! We are both so happy for you. May you spend many years of bracha and happiness together! :) BOBBY AND LIORA REFUA
Saturday Dec 19th 2009
debbie M: Neda! Mazal tov!! What a surprise!! Such great news!!! Wishing you all the best...Debbie Mahgerefteh
Saturday Dec 19th 2009
Esther Loves Eretz Yisroel: KILILILILILILILILILILILIL! Mazal Tov, V'Siman Tov! This is the bestest news ever! Dayi joon, The entire family is just so happy that this wonderful day has finally arrived- and to such a beautiful couple! Neda joon, we are beyond words that such a great guy is getting married to such an amazing girl like you! Wishing the both of you all the bracha and mazal... May your ahava for each other only grow stronger and stronger, and may you only bring out the best in each other! We love you guys! with love and excitement, Shokrollah, Helen, Khavar, and Esther :)
Saturday Dec 19th 2009
Debbie Hantman: I can't believe Khavar didn't give me any warning! Meir and I are sooo happy for you! Does this mean we wont all be going to hockey games anymore? Or maybe it means that you'll be inviting all of us over to your house for some Persian food? We may just have to make a trip to LA for the wedding....kilililili (is that how you say it?)!
Saturday Dec 19th 2009
Joyce Hantman: Dear Lavi Family: Chavar, you didn't tell us! MAZAL TOV FROM ALL THE HANTMANS !
Friday Dec 18th 2009
Liat Shamuilian: Mazal Tov Neda and Alfred!
Friday Dec 18th 2009

Alfred and Neda

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