Engagement of Shani Hochbaum & Aaron Malitzky

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009 Flushing, NY, USA

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  • Jonathan Fruchter:

    Aaron and Stephanie Joy (Shani), we are so happy for you!!!!!!!! (Keep in mind that we are going to make this sound as girly as possible. With that in mind, let's continue...) We cannot believe that it has finally come. When we heard about the news we were ecstatic with joy and laughter. Although the first word out of Edison's mouth when he invented the lighbulb was 'eureka,' we went for the more suttle 'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!' Seeing you guys together makes us sooooooooo happy. You guys look great together!! May you guys be zocheh to build a bayis ne'eman in Queens (and then eventually Israel). Mazel tov to all the brickner boys and may the brickner post not be fulfilled (hameivin yavin). May you both live ad meah v'esrim shana in health and tranquility. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The excitement is too much to handle. At this point I think we are officially the longest post so it is time to stop. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Best of Love, CC & JF

    Monday Sep 14th 2009
  • Steven Davis:


    Wednesday Sep 9th 2009
  • ariela yona:

    Mazal Tov!! Ariela

    Thursday Aug 27th 2009
  • Miriam Shapiro:

    SHANI!!!! MAZEL TOV!!! wow, you WOULD get engaged at central.... only you, truly dedicated.... much bracha hatzlacha and all the awesome things that i'm supposed to be wishing you guys now, and since i'm sure there will be much celebration going on in school, i can't wait!! mazel tov again!

    Sunday Aug 23rd 2009
  • Sari Borenstein:

    SHANNNNIIIIIII!!!!!!! MAZEL TOV!!!! we love u so much! u rock our lives. we wish u and aaron all the best! looking forward to an awesome year!!! love always, your G.O '10- Sari, Amalia, Shoshi, and Kimmy :)

    Thursday Aug 20th 2009
  • Rebecca A K:

    mazal tov! we're so happy for you guys! -rebecca konigsberg & martha (last name not necessary) attn aaron: -this would be martha keeping up her end of the deal -thanks for letting me use your computer (from rebecca)

    Thursday Aug 20th 2009
  • Rivka Apfel:

    Hey Shani! Mazel Tov We are sooo happy for you. Aaron you have such an amazing girl. Shani We all love you -- Rivka Apfel, Allison Rumelt, Esti Schwartz

    Wednesday Aug 19th 2009
  • Peninah Lamm:

    AHHH MAZAL TOV!!! LML, this is crazyyy!!! i would just like you to know that i made an onlysimchas account just for you and this post. I love you guys and I'm soo excited for you!

    Tuesday Aug 18th 2009
  • H Sklar:

    Shani and Aaron, Mazal Tov. I wish you all the best. Aaron thank you so much for including me in the plans. Harriet Sklar

    Monday Aug 17th 2009
  • Yael Herring:

    mazel tov!!

    Sunday Aug 16th 2009
  • Raquel Bondar:

    mazel tov shani! my long lost cuz- so nice 2 see u up here! may u and aaron build a bnb and give ure families much nachas! remembr old city tour, center 1 trip tog? :) Mazel tov from my entire family- were so excited!

    Sunday Aug 16th 2009
  • michal c gruen:

    Huge Mazel Tov !! Such a cute picture. The Gruen clan is so happy for you guys. Shani, we can't wait to meet you. We have heard lots of great things.

    Sunday Aug 16th 2009
  • Esti Cohen:

    Mazel Tov!!!!!

    Sunday Aug 16th 2009
  • Esther Gewirtz:

    Mazal tov!!!

    Sunday Aug 16th 2009
  • Rabbi Yoni Schick:

    Mazel Tov-from your Dallas cousins-Aaron-If you remember, I was actually at your bris-

    Sunday Aug 16th 2009
  • Edie S Lang:

    shani!!!! mazel tov to you and aaron! this is such exciting news and i kinda new something was upp.... you know spotting you talking on your phone later at night on my jogs around wildwood and evergreen.... well, now i know why!!!!! mazel tov again!! can't wait to see you in person to wish you a hugeee mazel tov! you and aaron should be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman b'yisrael, a home filled with Torah and only simcha!!!! love, edie

    Saturday Aug 15th 2009
  • tamar s ginsberg:

    Mazal Tov Shani and Aaron! Aaron- I really cannot believe you are getting married! I know I will sound like and old lady for saying this, but I feel like it was just yesterday that you and Ari were wearing matching Power Rangers oufits! Anyways, mazal tov again! Love, Tamar, Ari and Abby

    Saturday Aug 15th 2009
  • Brickner Boys :

    6 down 4 to go.gotta find an mmy girl before there are no more left. mazal tov

    Friday Aug 14th 2009
  • Atara Arbesfeld:

    Mazal Tov!! :)

    Friday Aug 14th 2009
  • rachel m schwartz:

    MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!!! You and your Chosson should be able to build a Bayis Neeman!!!!

    Friday Aug 14th 2009

    Dear Shani & Aaron, We were so thrilled to hear your good news. Mazel Tov and all the best for a happy and wonderful life together. Special Mazel Tov to Peretz & Lisa....Love, Paula & Ira Spodek and your entire Camp Morasha family.

    Friday Aug 14th 2009
  • Rina Rome:

    MAZEL TOV GUYS!!We are so happy for you- this was such a great surprise! We wish you so much happiness and bracha- enjoy it! - Jeffrey and Rina

    Friday Aug 14th 2009
  • Elliot Weiselberg:

    WOAH!! Mazal tov guys!!!

    Friday Aug 14th 2009
  • Yoanna R Freedman:


    Friday Aug 14th 2009
  • shelly brand:

    Mazal tov and Best Wishes. You both look so happy - may that feeling continue to grow as you built your bayit ne'eman together.

    Friday Aug 14th 2009
  • Michele Kirschner:

    Mazel Tov! I was so happy to see you up here. -Michele Kirschner (we met at Sara Menchel's wedding)

    Friday Aug 14th 2009
  • Ziona Greenwald:

    Mazal Tov Shani! We are very happy for you and your parents. Hope you enjoy this exciting time. We look forward to meeting the chasan and celebrating with you at your wedding. Love, Ziona & Meir

    Friday Aug 14th 2009
  • Miriam Hauser :

    Mazal Tov!!!!!!

    Friday Aug 14th 2009
  • Talia Brown:

    AHHHHHHH!!!! Mazal tov to two awesome people!!! I am soo happy for you guys and wish you sooo much bracha and hatzlacha in the future!!! Can't wait for the big day! love, TB Ps-Shanz..sooo you with the bagel and ice coffee! I'm lovin' it!

    Friday Aug 14th 2009
  • dina weingarten:

    Mazel Tov!!!! So exciting!!! Love, Dina, Hillel, & Amalya

    Friday Aug 14th 2009
  • dina T rappaport:

    wow shani!!!! mazal tov!!!! this is so exciting, i wish u all the best!!!!

    Thursday Aug 13th 2009
  • Jackie Ostreicher-Erlichman:

    Mazel Tov!!!

    Thursday Aug 13th 2009

    mazal tov !!! psych 107 ...09'!

    Thursday Aug 13th 2009
  • David Block:

    Woohoo! Mazal Tov! I'm sitting in Aaron's cabin,and he wouldn't let me use his comp unless i agreed to post here, so here it goes... But in all seriousness, I'm so happy for you guys. Shkoyach, Aaron, on finally realizing the kedusha of West Hempstead. Be"H, you should be matzliach in everything, and build a bayis infused with Torah and ahavas/yiras Shamayim.

    Thursday Aug 13th 2009
  • Willie Balk:

    Mazel Tov Malitzky! -Willie Balk

    Thursday Aug 13th 2009
  • Robyn Schlussel:


    Thursday Aug 13th 2009

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