Birth of baby girl to Zevi and Rivki(Kushner) Freundlich

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009 Lawrence, NY, USA

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  • Esti Friedman (Weiss):

    Mazel Tov Rivky! Such nice news! May you have much nachas from your little one!

    Monday May 11th 2009
  • Chaygitty G Farkas:

    mazel tov! mazel tov!! such exciting news!!! may you have lots and lots of nachas!!! chaygitty f

    Monday May 11th 2009
  • Esther Eisenberg:

    Mazel Tov!! Have lots of nachas from the little princess!!! Feel good Rifky!

    Monday May 11th 2009
  • se g:

    Mazal Tov from a proud bs tante. Wishing you tons of nachas! :)

    Monday May 11th 2009
  • Rivky plaut:

    MAZEL TOV!!!! Such exciting news!!! What a great mother's day present!!!! love, your Plaut cousins

    Monday May 11th 2009
  • p s:

    Mazel tov! May all of BS continue to share in beautiful simchas like this

    Sunday May 10th 2009
  • Sara Arm:

    Mazel tov Kushner!!! Such exciting news! May you have much nachas from your little princess (Chayala- you have competition! :) and be zoche to raise her to Torah, Chupah and Maazim Tovim. SARMS!

    Sunday May 10th 2009
  • perri k:

    MA3A/\ TOB!!!

    Sunday May 10th 2009

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