Engagement of Ariella Weinberger & Simcha Kranczer

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 Monroe, NY, USA

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  • Neal and Sara Bauer:

    Mazel Tov Simcha & Ariella!!! I'm actually writing this just so Simcha can say he's got one message for himself... anyway, may you guys a build a big bayis neaman b'yisroel!!

    Wednesday May 7th 2008
  • mindy e lane:

    Ariella! I came to CH for Shabbos and the first news I hear is that you're engaged!!! Mazal tov!!! Heads up, I'm coming to shul this shabbos to wish you a personal mazal tov!

    Friday Apr 11th 2008
  • Herb Rosin:

    Mazel Tov. So Simcha do you want a motorcycle ride?

    Wednesday Apr 9th 2008
  • Rochel Dahan:

    Mazel Tov Ariella!! I am so happy for you. Wishing you all the best from Lakewood. I hope to speak to you soon. Enjoy this wonderful time!

    Wednesday Apr 9th 2008
  • Joyce Joseph:

    Dear Ariella & Simcha- We are so happy you have found one another and love seeing that sweet smile on Ariella's face.....Wishing you only mazal and joy throughout your lives together. My how you've grown, Ariella! Love from the Joyce & Jeff Joseph,Yehuda, Effie & Sarah

    Monday Apr 7th 2008
  • Yehudis L Lichtenstein:

    Mazel Tov!!!

    Monday Apr 7th 2008
  • Avi & Sarah Ehrenreich:

    OMG!!!!! ARIELLA! I was looking on onlysimchas to see if anyone I knew from Cherry Hill got engaged or married and I saw your name and I was like OMG!!!! Mazel Tov! I know its been forever since we have spoken but I just wanted you to know that I'm so happy for you and your chosson! Love, Sarah Ehrenreich (Landgraf)

    Monday Apr 7th 2008
  • ken goldwasser:

    Hi Ariella and Simcha, Mazal Tov and all the best. We wish for you all that you would wish for yourselves. By the way, Ariella, I hope that this is one party I WILL be invited to!!! (ha, ha)!. You have a special place in our hearts. Love from Kenny and Amy

    Sunday Apr 6th 2008
  • Kate E Kramer:

    Mazel tov Ariella! I am soo happy for you and your chosson! You should have much bracha, hatzlacha and simcha together until 120!! Looking forward to sharing in this wonderful simcha with you! Kate :-)

    Sunday Apr 6th 2008
  • devorah y thaler:

    Mazel Tov! All the best, Devorah

    Sunday Apr 6th 2008
  • Erica M Stern:

    Mazel Tov Ariella!

    Friday Apr 4th 2008
  • :

    mazal tov!!!!!

    Thursday Apr 3rd 2008
  • Malkie Krieger:

    Dear Ariella!!!! Mazel Tov!!! I am so excited and happy for you!! Hope to see you and Simcha come for a Shabbos really soon!! Mazel Tov again...I am so happy for you and can't stop smiling!! Love, Malkie PS Thanks so much for taking me shopping that time when I was really desperate (night before the wedding and nothing to wear...:) )

    Thursday Apr 3rd 2008
  • SD & SY K:

    MAZEL TOV ARIELLA AND SIMCHA! We're so excited and can't wait to dance at your wedding (it'll be the first wedding where we'll both know people, hurray!) You should always have bracha, hatzlacha, and be as happy as you are now in your bayis neeman byisrael. (Sorry no mushy stuff for the world to read) Love always, Sarah D and Shimon

    Thursday Apr 3rd 2008
  • Barry m Weinberger:

    Dear Ariella and Simcha, MAZAL TOV to a wonderful couple!!!!!!!!!!!! We wish you all the best with lives filled with health, happiness, and wealth. May Hashem grant you much nachas, as you enter onto a new and wonderful journey together. Love, Mom and Dad Weinbeger

    Thursday Apr 3rd 2008
  • Ami Gez:

    o wow! 2 upcoming weddings for the Kranczers! how nice! Mazel tov, may you both live a joyous life together! ~Ami Gez (Chezky Kranczer's friend)

    Thursday Apr 3rd 2008
  • Natanya Milgraum:

    mazel tov ariella! i was so excited for you when rachel told me. from what i hear, simcha is a really great guy, and i said he better be if he's getting ariella! let me know if you need any wedding advice...sheitel, gown, you name it. hey, does this mean you'll be living in queens? if you are, can't wait to have you over!!! all the best, Natanya

    Thursday Apr 3rd 2008
  • Zissi and Dovid Lobl:

    Mazel Tov Simcha and Ariella!!! Simcha, we're so happy for you. Ariella, it feels like I've met you recently :-), welcome to the family! "You're so lucky to have me as a brother in law"-Dovid. Can't wait for the wedding. Mazel tov, Zissi and Dovid

    Thursday Apr 3rd 2008
  • Lumber Jack:

    What to write for every one to see? What to write to express what I'm feeling? What am I feeling? That reminds of my friend who was driving through the city, New York City that is. He was in a rush on that day and couldn't wait for the older gentleman, who was on his way to visit his wife of fifty four year six months and eighty seven days, in the hospital. He thought maybe some home made chicken soup would heal her of her illness, to cross the street. Now my friend is a good guy. Kind, giving, caring, patient but on this day he was in a rush he had to somewhere to be. He had to be there on time. So he did the New York thing 'honked as he ran the old man over and sped off'. I wonder if the older gentleman had any feelings? I probably will never know the answer to this quandary. Oh well. Anyway I was thinking if anyone knows how the older gentleman is doing please let me know. I am most curious.

    Thursday Apr 3rd 2008
  • Adira (Miller) Boltshauser :

    GASP! omg!! Ariella Weinberger!!! YAH!!! I'm also at a total loss for words and am so thrilled to see this simcha!! (haha no pun intended) I guess that's why you said "we're" not moving Israel when I aksed you lol! Anyway, Ariella, I wish I was there to see you glowing but I wish you all the brachos in the WORLD!! You should have a very easy, very smooth and most importantly, very exciting SIMCHADIK engagment. Mazal Tov!!

    Thursday Apr 3rd 2008
  • Rachel Orlinsky:

    MAZEL TOV!!!! I think I'm at a loss of words- shocker huh- all i keep doing is crying and smiling. I am so happy for the both of you. Lella- I could not ask for a better friend, eventhrough the time outs,playing house, barbies, ballet, our emotional summer at sternberg, hiding in shoprite,seminary,camp ketanim, my engagement,wedding and Kayla we still stuck together, ok fine you took a 3 1/2 year break. Youre amazing, and you derserve only the best and after meeting Simcha, I think you found him. I've never seen you happier! Simcha-- welcome to the Family we all cant wait to get to know you better. You should both have a quick, easy engagement filled with mazel, bracha and hatzlacha.Mazel tov again and get ready to party hard!! Love, Rachel (and of course Daniel and Kayla too!)

    Thursday Apr 3rd 2008
  • Ellen & David Krieger:

    Mazel Tov Ariella!! We are all so happy for you and Simcha!! Wishing you and your families all the best. How exciting!! Lots of love, The Kriegers

    Wednesday Apr 2nd 2008
  • :

    Ariella! You gotta warn me before you take such drastic measures! The combination of the shock and eating caf food could really kill someone! Okay, seriously...Mazel tov!!! I am so happy for you! I am assuming this young man knows how smart, funny, witty and cool you are, but I will reiterate it just to make sure! Love you and am literally singing "Katzad Merakdim" in Deet's room, wishing you were here! Wishing you much Torah, simcha, parnassah and brachos in your new life together!

    Wednesday Apr 2nd 2008

    Mazel Tov Ariella and Simcha!!! We are thrilled for you. May you have a life together filled with health and happiness. Love, The Weisfogel Family (from Columbus, Ohio)

    Wednesday Apr 2nd 2008
  • Esther Rivka Jacob:

    Mazal Tov Ariella!! May you only have simcha, bracha, and shalom. -Esther Rivka (Apisdorf) Jacob

    Wednesday Apr 2nd 2008
  • Yanky & Jenny Rizel:

    Mazel tov! I'm so happy for you! You should build a bayis ne'eman b'yisroel! - Jenny, Yanky, Avi, Chezky, and Shalom Hillel

    Wednesday Apr 2nd 2008
  • Deena Zanger:

    MAZAL TOV!!!! yeah- so exciting. ok, so i am sitting at home now waiting for u to get here already! of course, I was going to come down to CH for ur l'chaim. I told u I would!I am so happy for you and so glad that after living in the same town all our lives we were able to reconnect! May we only share simchas in the future- well not ur simcha but u get the idea!

    Wednesday Apr 2nd 2008
  • shulie orlinsky:

    Dear Ariella and Simcha, until 120 Wow this is so nice! MAZEL TOV! MAZEL TOV! As soon as I saw this posted I ran to the phone to call Rachel. Anywho, I wish you both all the best and that you should build a bayis ne'eman biyisrael. Love, Shulie Orlinsky

    Wednesday Apr 2nd 2008
  • Sarah R (Wecker) Sobel:

    Ariella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mazel Tov!!!!!!!!!!!!! A million times!!! I love you sooooo much and am soooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!! I think Hilly pretty much summed it up too! Can't wait to dance like crazy for you at your wedding! We've been waiting a looong time for this...Ahhhh! Mazel tov again!

    Wednesday Apr 2nd 2008
  • Hillary Krieger:

    AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! You are a KALLAH!!! I have been waiting for this to happen since last September!!! I love you and wish you and Simcha only bracha and mazel and SIMCHA for ever and ever!!!! I love you and you are the best roomie ever!!!!

    Wednesday Apr 2nd 2008

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