Engagement of Kayli Gerson & Aryeh Young

Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008 Far Rockaway, NY, USA

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  • Deena S Shapiro:

    Mazel tov Kayli, and to the whole Gerson family. We are all so happy for you, and wish you all the happiness in the world! Deena and Neil Shapiro

    Monday Mar 31st 2008
  • Yocheved R Madowicz:

    Heyy Kayli, OMG Mazel Tov! I'm so happy 4 U! Hope 2 speak to u soon! Mazel Tov Again- Yocheved (from Morasha)

    Thursday Mar 27th 2008
  • Diana Haddad:

    KAYLI!!! MAZAL TOV and MABROOK!I'm SO SO happy for you! You deserve only the best ...I hope Aryeh knows what a lucky guy he is! Your vort was beautiful...I wish you and Aryeh as much simcha as you have given others, bracha and hatzlacha together and may you be zoche to build a bayit ne'eman beyisrael! Can't wait for the wedding! Love - the luckiest roommate, Diana

    Wednesday Mar 19th 2008
  • sharon e adatto:

    Aryeh and Kayli- Mazal Tov to you and to your families. We are so happy for you. Our berachah is that you be zocheh to build a bayit neeman beyisrael. Much love, the Adattos

    Tuesday Mar 18th 2008
  • Temima Wildman:

    mazel tov! -timi (eden's friend)

    Monday Mar 17th 2008
  • rachel E cassell:

    Kayli!!!!!!!! Mazel tov hun! Country Yossi sings you a little tune :) "sweet little kayli..." May the both of you only find simcha in one another and be zoche to truly build a phoenominal bayis neeman bsimcha tamid. Thank you for everythin!!!Love, Rachel

    Monday Mar 17th 2008
  • Nechama (Gottlieb) Aryeh:

    Kayli! Mazal tov. I'm so happy to hear such exciting news! I can't believe you're engaged! Wow. Wishing you and Aryeh all the best, Nechama.

    Monday Mar 17th 2008
  • Chavi Epstein:

    Mazal Tov, Kayli! What special news! May your happiness together just grow, and may you continue to inspire everyone who meets you... Love Chavi

    Monday Mar 17th 2008
  • mm g:

    Huge Mazel Tov from the Cleveland Gersons! Looking forward to sharing in many more simchos together!

    Monday Mar 17th 2008
  • Michal a Shapiro:

    hi just want to wish u a huge big mazel tov!!such lovely news.so so happy for you :)hope everything is good with you xxxx luv mich xxxx

    Monday Mar 17th 2008
  • Leah S Weixelbaum:

    Mazel Tov!!!! SO nice to dance at your vort tonight - you looked sooooo happy, and I was glad to share in your simcha. Tell your mom I'm so happy I met her - it was great to hear what she had to say ;) MAZEL TOV AGAIN!!!! Love always, ~ Leah :) ~ DIRA 36 number ONE!!!!!!!

    Sunday Mar 16th 2008
  • Aliza Wadler:

    Mazel Tov Kayli! I can not believe you are engaged. Holy cow! I feel like we were just riding our bikes with potatoes rolling down the street and making Rorschach tests. I wish you many years of happiness together. Love, Aliza

    Sunday Mar 16th 2008
  • roise herskowitz-halpern:

    Mazal tov Kayli!! May you be zoche to build a bayis neeman byisrael!

    Sunday Mar 16th 2008
  • Edie S Lang:

    mazel tov kayli!!! this is sooo exciting!! I'm so happy for you both!!!

    Sunday Mar 16th 2008
  • Rachel Ginsberg:

    Mazel tov!!

    Sunday Mar 16th 2008
  • tara eisen:

    Mazel tov!!!!May you be zoche to build a bayis neeman biyisroel!:)

    Sunday Mar 16th 2008
  • miriam stavsky:

    mazel tov mazel tov mazel tov Kayli!!!!! i am so happy for you, and i am sure your chosson knows that he truly found the best girl! may you have only simcha, shalom, health, nachas, and endless bracha ad meah v'esrim. i miss you! love, miriam :)

    Sunday Mar 16th 2008
  • Shoshana (Adler) Kaplan:

    KAYLI!!! My almost 3rd roomie!!!! WOW! 2 girls from dira 32 in one week...now that's intense!!! LOL...JK...sorta ;) Anyways, BIG Mazal tov to you and Aryeh!!! So happy for the two of you! So exciting...and quite crazy at the same time!! B"H! May the two of you only know from much nachas, simcha, bracha, v'hatzolcha and may you be zoche to build a bayit neeman B'YISROEL!!! MAZAL TOV!!!! Love, Shana

    Sunday Mar 16th 2008
  • sara Halperin:

    YAY! party on the 14th floor! I am so excited for you! Mazal tov!! May your life together be filled with simcha, kedusha, and growth! love you!!!

    Sunday Mar 16th 2008
  • Esti m Levy:

    kayli!!!!!! mazel tov!!!! im soooo shocked cuz i had no idea but at the same time i'm soo excited for you!!!!! can't wait to see u in class to wish u mazel tov in person!! i hope you and aryeh are zoche to build a bayit neeman biyisrael!

    Sunday Mar 16th 2008
  • alison h barnett:

    kayli Mazal Tov a million times! May you build together a bayis neeman yisroel!

    Saturday Mar 15th 2008
  • Leah Gefen:

    Mazel Tov Kayli, We are so happy for you. We can't wait to meet the lucky Aryeh.We have heard so much about you. May We continue to share in simchos together.We love you. Love, Avromie, Leah, Rivkie and Tehila Gefen

    Saturday Mar 15th 2008
  • Adina Brizel:

    Mazal Tov Kayli! Im so happy for you. Love from your neighbor in Bamidbar

    Saturday Mar 15th 2008
  • Ora Shore:

    Mazel Tov! So exciting to hear!

    Saturday Mar 15th 2008
  • Reeut Evgey:

    Kayli! Mazal Tov! YAY...i'm so happy for you :) Aryeh, wow...you got urself quite an amazing girl. May the two of you have health and happiness always. All the best!

    Saturday Mar 15th 2008
  • Yael Herring:

    kayliiii!!!!! wowoowwwww sooo exciting!! aryeh im sure you know this by now but you got yourself the best of the best seriously! huge huge mazel tov and may the two of you always keep growing together with tons of nachas and bracha and health and happiness ad 120! mazel tov again!!!

    Saturday Mar 15th 2008
  • Aviva Weinberg:

    Kayli!!!!! Mazel Tov!!! I love you so much and I cannot wait for your wedding, iy"H!! Love, Aviva

    Saturday Mar 15th 2008
  • Talia Goldwag:

    Ahhhhhhh, We are flipping out! Or rather flippin in. It's not a joke either. Mazel Tov Aryeh and Kallah and the whole Young family. We are very excited to hear the news. SO nu, when will you be back in Israel Aryeh? Love, Talia and Ari Goldwag

    Saturday Mar 15th 2008

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