Engagement of Chani Kin & Yaakov (Jake) Czuper

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday, July 26, 2007 Monroe, NY, USA

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  • Chaim & Chava Neiditch:

    Mazel tov Jake and Chani! May you have a lifetime of bracha and simcha together (and may you move back here to Atlanta and join the growing number of young couples...).

    Monday Oct 15th 2007
  • room 207:

    MAZAL TOV!! We are soo excited- Warmest mazal tov wishes from ur LA cousins!! Jake: Welcome to the family and you don't know how lucky u are! Your lives should always be full of simcha and bracha. Chani, may you and Jake continue to be a wonderful source of nachas to your parents and grandparents!!Looking forward to a beautiful chasunah!-T counting down.........shred that resume chani and get those dancing shoes ready(squishy)you'll have to give Jake our bnei brak tour, with the packed tender ride and dont forget the beit shemesh experiences, guitar kumzits and makeup/wedding food consisting of cookies and more cookies...coming "home" with avocadoes and oranges-water bottle weights :) our twin cousins:Ephrayim and Yaakov, I'm studying right now- getting late curfew, having our shoes shined by the one and only shoe shiner(&personal driver) the memories of a once in a lifetime experience-and now the anticipation of a beautiful simcha~Is there a picture yet in the "wedding cake?"

    Monday Aug 6th 2007
  • helen spitz:

    Dear Chani, Mazeltov, glad I could pop in to your Vort. (the salads were delic.). Chani, you looked so beautiful and your mother Perel and Ettie were beaming, so here's wishing you lots of simcha and you should be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman beyisroel....Your chossen knows, I am sure, he got a great girl. Ettie, you are going to be the absolute cutest bridesmaid.....

    Thursday Aug 2nd 2007
  • Avihud B Kimmel:

    Mazal tov Jake and Chani. You should both be zoiche to have lots of simcha and nachas ad meah v'Esrim Shannah.

    Thursday Aug 2nd 2007
  • Temi M Kaufmann:

    Dear Chani, Mazel Tov! I am so so so happy for you! I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the vort. I wish much bracha, mazel, and hatzlacha. May you be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman b'yisrael. - Tamar Kaufmann (Dobner)

    Thursday Aug 2nd 2007
  • Jill Sanderson:

    Mazel tov, mazel tov Chani and Yaakov! Wonderful news. Best wishes to the Czuper family. Yaakov (Jake) is a very nice person and a great basketball player too :) We wish you happiness, Jill & Alan Sanderson

    Thursday Aug 2nd 2007
  • Malka M Goodman:

    I am so excited that Jake will be marrying such a lovely young lady as Chani ... she will have a husband who can truly cherish and adore her ... Jake is very, very special and one of the nicest young men whom I have ever known and taught as a teacher (and I taught ALL of the Czuper boys so I ought to know!!) I know that you will bring each other much joy and happiness and your families as well ... Melissa (Malka) Goodman

    Tuesday Jul 31st 2007
  • Faigie Walter:

    Mazel Tov Chani!!! It was soooo nice to hear the exciting news! May you be zoche to build a bn"b together... Wishing you a marriage of health and happiness and all good things... Love, Faigie Walter (Grunstein)

    Tuesday Jul 31st 2007
  • Yaakov D Faitelewicz:

    Mazal Tov Jake and Chani. Chani, you got an awesome Bachur. Jake has so much Derech Eretz, he is a great learner and he is fun and great to be around. Jake was and is a great friend to all of his OJ room mates Shmuel, Ben 1, Ben 2, Yaakov 1, Yaakov 2, as we loved having him in our presence; He also kept the Shalom Bayis in the room. Chani, just wait Jake's Shalom Bayis will amaze you and his devotion to Yidishkeit full of Torah, Avodah and Gemilus Chassadim is even more than what BJJ might inspire in a shidduch. Jake is out to help anyone. He cares for everyone. Jake is a big inspiration for and to K'lal Yisrael. He treats everyone with respect. He puts other people first, in front of him. Chani, you are so lucky to have Jake as a Chassan. Chani, if you are like Jake, when you guys get married Moshiach might just happen. Jake and Chani, may you guys have Bracha and build a Bayis Naman Beyisrael together. Mazal Tov to the extended Czuper and Kin family; May both families continue to have more simchas in the future.

    Tuesday Jul 31st 2007
  • evan R zisholtz:

    alright...posting on onlysimchas...a big step! I think its the least i can do after missing the vort. Chani, although i havent been lucky enough to have been graced by your presence, i feel like i know you. Jake has only said unbelievable things about you, and he is very lucky to hvae you. And rauss...not sure exactly what to say. my littel shana punim is becoming a man! you are my hero and role model!!!! mazel tov!!!!!!

    Monday Jul 30th 2007
  • Moriya Tsour:

    Mazel Tov Chani !!! May this day mark the beginning of many more smachot together. (How come i never hear about these things on time ?.....Mrivka ?!) All the best, Moriya

    Sunday Jul 29th 2007
  • Goldy Hauptman:

    Mazal Tov!

    Sunday Jul 29th 2007
  • Eileen Grossman:

    Dear Chanie ( and Jake) Mazal Tov Mazal Tov We are so happy to hear this great news and we can't wait to meet you, Jake, tomorrow at the vort.You have a great girl and you are joining a great family, Did I tell you we are part of it, We are Grossmans too,,, ANyway, may you both be zocheh to build a bayis neeman byisrael and along with the neeman, throw in lots of fun and laughter and simcha.. All our love, the other Monsey Grossman family.. aka Eileen and Harry

    Sunday Jul 29th 2007
  • t tolchinsky:

    MAZAL TOV Chani! i know we havent spoken in forever but i just wanted to say mazal tov and im soo happy for you. -tova

    Saturday Jul 28th 2007
  • I am so happy for you!!:

    MAZEL TOV!! I was so excited to hear the great news!! May you be zoche to build a BNB!!See ya on Sunday! Rivky

    Saturday Jul 28th 2007
  • Jillian Sanderson:

    Mazal Tov Jake!!! I'm sooo happy for you! Mazal Tov to the entire Czuper family!!!! Chani, as I'm sure you know, Jake is such an amazing guy and you're getting such a wonderful family!

    Friday Jul 27th 2007
  • Penny and Yoel Samuel:

    mazal tov

    Friday Jul 27th 2007
  • Nechama & Moshe:

    mazal tov chani. i hope your chosson knows that he will have to have a special place in your house for funny pens. - nechama

    Friday Jul 27th 2007
  • Matthew and Leslie Silverman:

    Mazel Tov Jake! We are so excited for you... get ready for the craziness to begin!

    Friday Jul 27th 2007
  • Zahavah S.:

    CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANI!! MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant you see im exited? this is sooooooooo exiting. I'm really so so happy for you and Yaakov now that i know his name i could be happy for him too. Its to bad i couldnt be there for the Lchaim Wed night - lol. I"H ill be there for the vort. I hope the shoes ended up working out. I wish you both ONLY the best and TONZ & TONZ of happiness together till 120+. I guess now we could be neighbors again and you can even get a job in my house-j.k. I cant wait to see you sunday and im sure you'll look beautiful. And when you move to brooklyn, you can still have a cahnce to go to my branch of Touro. Mazal Tov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Friday Jul 27th 2007
  • yehuda & chana mir gross:

    Dear Chani, Mazal tov its such great news lots of mazal to come Chana Miriam

    Friday Jul 27th 2007
  • Tzippy Leidner:

    Mazel Tov Chani and Yaakov(Jake)!!! I am so happy for you chani, may you two be zoche to build a b"nb! ~Tzippy

    Friday Jul 27th 2007
  • Julie R Schneider:

    Jake- A huge mazal tov to you and Chani! I'm glad to hear your summer is going well. Looking forward to seeing you back in Atlanta and meeting Chani. Wishing you too only the best. -Julz

    Friday Jul 27th 2007
  • Eli and Penina Lazarus:

    Mazel Tov, Chani!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you! May you be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman b'yisroel! ~Penina (Wealcatch) Lazarus

    Friday Jul 27th 2007
  • Chanie .:

    Mazal Tov Chani and the lucky Chosson! Only mazal and bracha! ~Chanie Serkez

    Friday Jul 27th 2007
  • Benjamin J Heller:

    Mazal Tov!!(Tzidkiyahoo Yaakov Czuper right hehe?) Its great to hear such great news! I Wish the two of you all the best and happiness!!!

    Friday Jul 27th 2007
  • miriam and eppy duskis:

    Mazal tov Jake and Chani! May Hashem give you lots of hatzlocha! Love, Eppy and Miriam Duskis

    Thursday Jul 26th 2007
  • hadassah OB:

    mazel tov chani - i was so happy to see ur name up here! wishing u lots of bracha and hatzlacha! let ur chosson kno what a good student he is getting :) hope everything worked out for ur masters.... hadassah krigsman (touro ed)

    Thursday Jul 26th 2007
  • Moshe Hans:

    Mazel Tov Chani and YAAKOV!!! Lani and i our so happy for the two of you. Chani we cant tell you enough what a great guy YAAKOV is. We look forward to spending many birthday parties together, some shabbos meals too, and definitely thanksgiving. May you be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman biyisrael. We love you Jake!!! Lani & Moshe

    Thursday Jul 26th 2007
  • Yaakov & Esti Klein:

    Mazal Tov Chani!!!! I'm so happy for you! You guys look really cute & happy together. i'm glad i got a sneak peek! Yaakov/ Jake, you are getting an awsome girl. chani, i cant beleive we've been together since kindergarden! wow! you & jake should be very happy together for all the years to come & we should continue to share in maany more simchas. mazal tov!!!! - esti klein

    Thursday Jul 26th 2007
  • Hadassah Barnett:

    mazel tov Chani! May you and Yaakov build a bnb!

    Thursday Jul 26th 2007

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