Engagement of Tzivi Shulman & Donny Schick

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 New York, USA

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  • Ruchie Torgow:

    Mazel Tov Tzivi!! Donny--you're getting an amazingly incredibly wonderfully adorably sweet girl. I am sure you are aware of that:) May you build a beautiful bayis neeman b'yisroel together till 120! Love, Ruchie (Kron) Torgow

    Monday May 7th 2007
  • Dasi Schneebalg:

    hi its me dasi mazal tov i wish u all the luck

    Sunday Apr 29th 2007
  • Shayna j Goldstein:

    Mazel Tov Tzivi!!!!!!!!! May you have much happiness. May you be zocheh to build a bayis ne'eman b'yisroel! Shayna Goldstein

    Wednesday Apr 11th 2007
  • Chana B. Niman:

    Mazal Tov!!!

    Monday Mar 26th 2007
  • Adina Katzman:

    Mazel Tov Tzivi. I am so excited for you! It's really great news. And thank you so much for calling to invite me to the vort, all the way out here. That was such a sweet thing to do! I would love it if we could come in for the wedding - well, that remains to be seen. May HaShem shower you both with blessings and may you build a bayit neeman b'yisrael.

    Wednesday Mar 21st 2007
  • Asher Goldman:

    Mazel tov, this is great news Tzivi......please send a heartly mazel tov to your parents......oif simchas

    Monday Mar 19th 2007
  • Ruthie and Hal K Wenig:

    Dear Tzivi and Donny, Mazel Tov! We are all so happy for you! May you have much happiness together! Sending much love to all the Shulmanettes. Ruthie and Hal and Family

    Sunday Mar 18th 2007
  • Miriam Reiss:

    MAZAL TOV!!!!! We are so happy for you. May you be zoche to build a bayis neeman b'yisroel. love, Miriam, Tzvi, and Chaya Sarah Sytner

    Sunday Mar 18th 2007
  • Akiva & Avigail Eisenstadt:

    Hey, when did you get old enough to get married?!?! MAN Im feeling old...mazal tov!

    Friday Mar 16th 2007
  • Rabbi Yoni Schick:

    Mazel Tov Donny (I thought you spelled it Dani) and Tzivi! from your Texas cousins! Much Nachas to your parents and grandparents! Yoni & mishpacha

    Friday Mar 16th 2007
  • Stephen Slamowitz:

    Mazel Tov! Great News! From Robin and Stephen Slamowitz And Family...

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • Meir and Chava F Katz :

    mazel tov!!! this news made my week i am so so so so happy for you! love, bracha and hatzlocha from the whole family here... mazel tov! hope to see you at the vort!

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • Chaim M. & Chanie Rosenberg:

    Hey Tzivi- this is such exciting news- Mazel Tov!!!!!! Chaim Moshe and CHanie (Katz)

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • sharon e adatto:

    Mazal Tov Tzivi. It's Sharon & Larry Adatto from Seattle. We wish you & Donny much happiness. Donny- you're a lucky guy!!! Mazal tov to you, too Marty & Fran. We are sooooo happy for you.

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • chanie berman:

    Mazel Tov, guys! We're thrilled for you. Nu, pictures? Wishing you all the best, Chanie & Yosef Berman and family.

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • chanie berman:

    Mazel Tov, guys! We're thrilled for you. Nu, pictures? Wishing you all the best, Chanie & Yosef Berman and family.

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007


    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • Naomi Nachman:

    Mazal Tov to you both and to your families. All the best for the future, Naomi and Zvi Nachman and girls Simi, Eliana and Gabriella

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • seno'r Padr'e:

    If ever there was a time to strap-on the old flame retardant jumpsuit and go weee down a pole, (nudge nudge)!Now you can finally get your green card! No more working overtime for time and a half at walmart. It's easy street from here on out! Didn't I tell you things would work out if you moved to the free world?! Besides, we both know uzbekistan is no place for a struggling artist. Nuclear scientist maybe, but there is only so much you can do with dirt and contaminated water. (though your, "man with dirt on his face" was quite a masterpiece, even though it had underlying tones of your earlier work, "Man with dirt on his hands about to touch his face." nonetheless, you can really feel the ambiance of the setting when you see the strategic placement of the random splotches, clearly reminiscent of Van Gogh's first work, Man with knife in his hand. Though the trained eye definitely sees recalcitrant undertones of paint by number sequences, we all know that anyone can draw lines, but masterfully painting a masterful masterpiece with masterfull artistry clearly negates that the picture was really of cinderella eating the poison apple. ) The Point being, Dude, Mazal Tov!!!!! I couldn't be happier for the both of you, May you enjoy all that is good in Life!And may you be blessed with blessings plentiful of blessingliness as blessings should be blessed! -Mel P.S. School's out for summer School's out forever School's been blown to pieces

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • ahuva l staum:

    wow, mazal tov tziv, to u and the whole clan.

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • Estee Friedman:

    Mazal tov!

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • estie and ben fried:

    Mazel tov! we're sooo excited!! A brooklyn guy?? just kidding- sorry donny. we can't wait to meet him! ben, estie and the boys

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • M Trebitsch:

    Mazel tov Tzivi and all the Shulman (ettes)! Yair and Rookie Trebitsch and the girls.

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • Moshe, Yali & Kids Schupper:

    Mazel Tov!!! We are so excited for you! We wish you and Donny nothing but health, wealth, happiness and nachas from each other. May Hashem grant you everything needed to build a true bayis neeman b'yisroel! Mazel Tov also to the entire Shulman mishpacha...post some pics....Love, Yali, Moshe and DZ

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • Ahuva and Yoel Schmell:

    Hey Tziv!!!! This is ahuva (fried) wishing you the biggest mazel tov.......im so so happy for u and wish you and this lucky man endlesss years of simcha, bracha and ahava!

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • tzippi fried:

    all the best to you guys, mazel tov- tzip

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • bassie ornstein:

    hiya again, its been that long that i dont even know if u know who bassie ornstein is. (Bassie Adler)

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • bassie ornstein:

    Hey Tzivy Long time no speak but still wanted to wish u a very big mazel tov.

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • baruch and aliza kanner:

    MAZAL TOV!!! tzivi i was sooo happy to see this news. I wish you all the happiness in the world, love, aliza (Weisberg) kanner

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007


    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • tzippy schneebalg:

    Hey, Mazal tov, Tzivi!

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • I. D.:

    Mazal Tov, Tzivi! Beautiful news for a beautiful person. May you be zocheh to all the good stuff. Be in touch! Idy gross

    Thursday Mar 15th 2007
  • Jason M Weinberger:

    Mazel Tov!! Tzivi and Donny, wishing you much Happiness and may you have many happy years together. Donny u are getting a great girl. Jason W.

    Wednesday Mar 14th 2007

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