Engagement of yehudis herzka & chaim lieberman

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Tuesday, October 31, 2006 Brooklyn, NY, USA

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    Mazal tov Yehudis! Whoa! Sorry this is so late... The kids at TAG just told mecuz they were talking about Mroah Herzka and they were describing you and i was like whoa that sounds like Yehudis from nageela... And i said to them was her name yehudis and they said yes and now i no your engaged even though your probably married by now... Well a huge mazal tov...

    Thursday Feb 8th 2007
  • Navah Maynard:

    We all love and miss you sooooo much Morah Herzka we can't wait for your wedding Love, Navah

    Friday Jan 5th 2007
  • aviva shore:

    mazelll tovvv hertzkiiiiiii!!!! this is shani by the way... shanij (duno if u remember me from camp!!!)

    Monday Dec 25th 2006

    Congratulations!!! All the best Yehudis...

    Tuesday Nov 28th 2006


    Sunday Nov 12th 2006
  • Batsheva Reich:

    Yehudis, Mazal Tov! I am so excited and happy for you! wishing you and your chosson all the best! Love, Batsheva

    Sunday Nov 5th 2006
  • shani and nachi elbaum:

    Dear Yehudis, Mazel Tov!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you. Wishing you much happiness together. You should build a bais neman beyisroel. Love, Shani W

    Thursday Nov 2nd 2006
  • zahava Agular:

    Dear Morah Herzka, MAZEL TOV!!!! I'm so happy for you!I hope you have a lot of hatzlacha and parnasa in life Love, Chani Agular

    Thursday Nov 2nd 2006

    mazel tov!!!!!!!!!!!!!chaim i'm sooooooooo happy for you!!may you be zoche to all the brachoes.

    Thursday Nov 2nd 2006
  • Naomi Meisler:

    Mazel Tov yehudis! Wishing you both a lot of hapinees together! oif simchas!

    Thursday Nov 2nd 2006
  • Erica M Stern:

    Mazel Tov Yehudis! So excited to hear the great news! It was amazing working with you in camp. You're an amazing person and I can only wish you a lot of bracha, hatzlacha and simcha in the future. May you and your chosson be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman b'yisroel!

    Thursday Nov 2nd 2006
  • Hadassah Guttman:

    mazel tov yehudis! im so happy to hear the great news! i wish you happiness and bracha!

    Thursday Nov 2nd 2006
  • Yoni and Dassi Slater:

    MAZEL TOV to Yehudis and the entire Herzka fam! we're so excited for you!!! are you taking my place in Bar Ilan, or joining Tzipori in LKWD!?! Either way, may you have much bracha, hatzlacha and all the rest....Chaim, you got urself the best girl and the best family!!! See you!

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • Esther Baruh:

    Mazal tov Yehudis!! So exciting to see this news! I wish you and your chosson all the bracha, hatzlacha and simcha in the world! Love, Esther

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • bonnie r kupchik:

    Dear Morah Herzka, Mazal Tov to a great morah!!!!!Love, Tova Kupchik

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • Adina Rosenfeld:

    Mazel tov Yehudis!!!!! I was so excited to hear the good news! I wish you all the bracha in the world! Love, Adina

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • chayala Avigdor:

    All I can say is wow! MAZEL TOV! Actually I can say a lot more, but I don't want to be so long! Yehudis, you are so special. You always care about the next person and always have a smile on your face. You should be blessed with bracha and hatzlacha in everything that you do. You should be zoche to buid a bais NEMAN b'yisroel. I'm so excited for you! You're the best, love, chayala!

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • rivkie l adler:

    Dearest Yehudis and Chaim, MAZEL TOV! MAZEL TOV! Such amazing news! I'm so happy to hear it! May you both be zoche to build a bais ne'eman b'yisroel! MAZEL TOV! MAZEL TOV! love, rivkie

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • Rena (Lewin) Finkelstein:

    Mazel Tov!!

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • Leedor Levi :

    Mazal tov!!! im so happy for you. i wish you the best and you should be zochie to build a beis ne'eman b'yisrael and you both should be happy together till 120 years old. Love, Leedor

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • shulamis kassai:

    MAZAL TOV!! such exciting news!!!!

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • Frumi G Gray:

    mazel tov!!!wishing you all the best!!

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • Devora W:

    Yehudis, MAZEL TOV!!!!! I'm beyond excited for you! Wow! I can't believe it! Our grade is moving pretty quickly! Mazel tov!!! Looking foward to seeing you at your vort!

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • batsheva r last:

    Mazel tov Yehudis! such amazing news!! wishing you alot of brocho and mazel always! Take care.. batsheva xxx

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • Rochie Diskind:


    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • orly baalhaness:

    Mazal Tov Yehudis!! May Hashem fulfill all your wishes BeSimcha U'Vtuv Laiv! Yirbu Smachot BeYisrael!!

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • henni lay:


    Wednesday Nov 1st 2006
  • Mordy and Yehudis (Fridman) Thav:

    MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!

    Tuesday Oct 31st 2006
  • simi d lowy:

    Mazel Tov! All the best!

    Tuesday Oct 31st 2006
  • mazel tov:

    Mazel Tov Yehudis! May you be zoche to build a bn"b, and share in only simchas together. Love, Shira Birnbaum

    Tuesday Oct 31st 2006
  • Naomi Weiss:

    MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!I am soooooo happy for you and so is the rest of the class!!!!!!! See you in school!!! Love, Hadassah Weiss (Not Naomi she's my sisiter!)

    Tuesday Oct 31st 2006
  • elana e fried:

    mazel tov!!!!! i'm so excited for you. you should only have simchag. by the way this is from shevy not elana

    Tuesday Oct 31st 2006
  • Esti Zacharowicz:

    Mazel tov!! Mazel Tov!! Mazel Tov!!

    Tuesday Oct 31st 2006
  • Esti A Lichtman:

    Mazel Tov Morah Herzka!!! We are sooo excited for you!!! Love, Class 403

    Tuesday Oct 31st 2006
  • Zahava Helfgott:

    MAZEL TOV!! MAZEL TOV!! I'm soo excited for you!!may you be zocha to build a bnb!!

    Tuesday Oct 31st 2006

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