Engagement of Yisroel Waxman & Yocheved Welcher

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 Flushing, NY, USA

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  • Amira s Newman:

    Dear Yoch and Yisrael, We are so happy for you guys. Yocheved, you have been such a great friend and we've seen each other through so much, and look where it's lead both of us! And happening so close together in time. Mazal Tov and may you both build a bayit ne'eman beyisarel, treat each other well, and just have fun! Love, Amira and Adam

    Friday Oct 20th 2006
  • Sharonah Habshush:

    Mazel Tov! I just heard and am so excited for you both. May you be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman b'yisrael. Love, Sharonah (aka Roni - from the Lax house!)

    Tuesday Aug 29th 2006
  • Barry Stein:

    Mazal Tov to the the entire Welcher and Waxman families. Yocheved, we've know you for quite some time and it has truly been wonderful to watch you blossom into a Beautiful Balass Middos (if that's how you spell it). May we only share in simchas and bad puns for many years to come. Barry, Carolyn, Rachel M., Noam & Binyamin Stein (those guys from Passaic)

    Monday Jul 31st 2006
  • Boruch Schechter:

    Mazel Tov, Yisroel. I am so ecstatically happy for you. May you be zoche to a bayis neeman be'yisroel. Zishe, Laurie, Chavie and Josh - Mazel Tov and a sach Yiddishe Nachas.

    Saturday Jul 15th 2006
  • Melanie E Leitman:

    Mazal TOV! May everyday be this exciting.

    Tuesday Jul 11th 2006
  • Elisheva Gold:

    Mazal Tov! All of us in Israel were very excited to hear the great news. May you be zoche to build a bait neeman in Israe!

    Monday Jul 10th 2006
  • Shira Kahen:

    Hey Yocheved! Mazal Tov!!!!! I am so so happy to see this great news....I haven't run into you in ages. Wow, your kids are gonna be supergeniuses. LOL Yisroel, you got an awesome wife to be. Always the best for you Yocheved, ~love, Shira P.S.- Please please put up some pictures!!!!!!

    Monday Jul 3rd 2006
  • Joshua s Wenig:

    Mazel tov. I wish you both all the happiness in life together. you guys are th best.

    Sunday Jul 2nd 2006
  • Tracy & Avi Lloyd:

    Mazel Tov x3! May you both be zoche to build a bayis neeman biyisroel (na na na na)! C ya on Shabbas Wax!

    Friday Jun 30th 2006
  • Yocheved C Welcher:

    To my fiance, and BE"H soon to be choson...Yisroel, you've made me happier than I ever thought possible, just by being you. You are perfect in every way that matters, and I will be eternally grateful to Hashem for bringing us together. YKK, tu eres la otra mitad de mi alma. ILU. Mazal tov!

    Friday Jun 30th 2006
  • Yocheved C Welcher:

    AHHHHHH!!!! (Shriek of joy- in case you were wondering) :) To everyone posting here, or reading this- mazal tov! To all of our friends and family members (and soon to be family members), thank you for helping us and sharing in our simcha. MAZEL TOV to one all!!!

    Friday Jun 30th 2006
  • Gittela Welcher:

    Yisroel, you got an amazing girl (just don't tell her I said it!) -Git

    Thursday Jun 29th 2006
  • Chaviva Waxman:

    Mazel Tov! Welcome to the family!

    Thursday Jun 29th 2006
  • Jeremy Hellman:

    MAZAL TOV!! (by the way its esther orbach) wow, i am so excited. i wish you the best always in all ways. may Hashem bless you for you truly deserve the best in everything. hope to catch you soon.. ~ Esther

    Thursday Jun 29th 2006
  • Sara Mirel M Gold (Aron):

    MAZAL TOV YOCHEVED!!! :) You guys should be blessed with years of pure joy,and a million babies and a BNB and all. i am so happy for you girl, cant wait to dance at your wedding! mwa!

    Thursday Jun 29th 2006
  • Jonathan k Waxman:

    Hey! one and all!! I would Like to wish a hearty Mazal Tov to Yocheved for picking YOURS TRULY!!!! anyhow, with best wishes for a future filled with simchas I bid you ado.

    Thursday Jun 29th 2006
  • Tziporah Moskovitz:

    mazel tov this is such great news to hear. May you be zoche to build a Bayis Neman B'Yisroel

    Wednesday Jun 28th 2006

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