Engagement of David Goodman & Melanie Hamet

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Susan D Ansel: Mazel Tov to my little nephew and his bride-to-be. What a beautiful couple. I look forward to the wedding! Love, Aunt Susan
Wednesday Mar 29th 2006
yosef davids: Yo man, I just want to let you know again that I am so happy for you. Getting married and having someone to wake up with in the morning, come home to in the evening, and to share your life with is the smartest thing that a man will ever do - especially if she can cook (haha). Anyway, Sadie and I look forward to a lifetime of dinner dates, family gatherings, and mazel tovs. We love you.
Monday Mar 20th 2006
chaim y davids: hey hey, to my dear cuz and her man. i love you both. that crazy right. mazel efin tov
Thursday Mar 9th 2006
rachel k blitz: Congratulations! So when is Sammy going to have a little cousin. I know I am getting ahead of myself. But seriously, Mazel Tov on your engagement. We hope you have a long, happy, healthy and prosperous life together. May we share only simchos together. We will talk to you soon. Love, David. Rachel & Sammy
Wednesday Mar 8th 2006
Fran Broth: Mazel Tov Melanie and David. We cannot believe that after so many years we will finally be related to a Goodman (and of all the Goodman's we are happy its you Dave), as incestuous as it may be. Seriously though guys, you make a great adorable couple and we are really really happy for you both. Looking forward to the wedding!!! Love, Leib, Fran and Ariella Davids
Tuesday Mar 7th 2006
sherri i holstein: Dear Uncle David: Im so excited for your wedding. I guess I'll be having lots more cousin's soon. Love Deena
Tuesday Mar 7th 2006
sherri i holstein: Dear Uncle David: I can't wait to be a flower girl, cause your my best uncle Love Shira
Tuesday Mar 7th 2006
sherri i holstein: Dear Uncle David: Mazel Tov, I can't wait to be a flower girl at your wedding Love Ariella
Tuesday Mar 7th 2006
sherri i holstein: finally, finally, finally, a Goodman has become a member of the Davis family. Yossi Davis has dreamed of this day for 25 years. Thats all I need , more brothers. David hit the mother load with this girl, she was worth the wait. Love, Sherri Goodman Holstein
Tuesday Mar 7th 2006
Ariel Goodman: hey guys mazel tov !!!!! you both look so cute together, IM so happy for u both !! IM very excited for your wedding, and i wish you lots of happiness together, and meny more simchas in the future, you guys Rock !! lots of love Ariel esty will write soon
Tuesday Mar 7th 2006
yosef davids: Hey fellas, what's crackalackin? There are truly no words to describe how Sadie and I feel. We will all be bound by blood, as the Heavens have decreed. We love you and don't forget to request an adjoining room for Sadie and me when you book the honeymoon. (Just kidding - we will be making our own reservation. Haha)
Tuesday Mar 7th 2006
yosef davids: Hi. I just figured I would post another message so you won't feel lonely and not cared for, etc... I'm excited for the wedding but I haven't a thing to wear. I'm thinking about something in chartreuse?
Tuesday Mar 7th 2006


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