Bat Mitzvah of Chaya Herson

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tuesday, April 12, 2005 Cincinnati, OH, USA

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  • chaya m herson:

    ok, however saw and sees this homepage thingy wtvr you call it just know that if you know me and you didnt post ill be really insulted :(! jk jk jk =)!!!! just i dont really know how to post soooo i wont do it for like a real long while soooooooo thanx chavie and sara leah for posting!!!! love, chaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i mean, MEEEEEE!

    Friday Nov 11th 2005
  • shf h c:

    Hey chaya how r ya? mazel tov ....well much mazel and brocha love sossia c ps wheres the pic

    Sunday Sep 4th 2005
  • Sara Leah Cohen:

    Dear Chaya, This is a majorly belated mazel tov post..but y'know this page just wouldnt be complete without a post from MOI! So here goes...MAZEL TOV chaya on your bas mitzva!!!I wish I could've been there! I know I told you to post pics..but I just realized that you showed me all the pics when I was by your house! You even let me keep one =) So now the pressure is off ;) You looked gorgeous by the way..I know i told you before but I bet you could never get tired of hearing that ;) So anywho... mazel tov again..and may you continue bringing lots of nachas to your family and community...Looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon..cuz I miss ya! regards to the whole family-xoxox luv, Sara Leah*_*

    Wednesday Aug 10th 2005
  • Chavie Mangel:

    hey chaya..its me again..luv ya..

    Friday Apr 15th 2005
  • Pesha Chavi C Mangel:

    Mazal Tov, Chaya...ur Bas Mitzvah was loads of to u l8tr.. luv, ur #1 cuzin

    Wednesday Apr 13th 2005

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