Engagement of Blimi Blau & Yanky Marcus

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Wednesday, September 15, 2004 Brooklyn, NY, USA

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  • Meira Graff:

    blimi! mazel tov!!!!

    Wednesday Mar 4th 2009
  • Bracha Einhorn:

    Mazel Tov Blimi! I hope you remember me- or maybe you know me as idunnobe? Remember those days when we had nothing better to do than IM? Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I'm sooo happy for you!! May you be zoche to build a beautiful bnb! May Hashem guide you through everything in life and help you to fulfill all of your aspirations. Wishing you all the best! Mazel Tov again :-) Love, Bracha

    Sunday Oct 3rd 2004
  • yitzikel at aol:

    Mazel Tov Yanky & Blimi its great, may you be zoche to build blah blah blah.

    Monday Sep 27th 2004
  • Shuli and Miriam:

    BLIMI-MAZEL TOV THIS IS SUCH AMAZING NEWS!!! Thank goodness for Only Simchas! N e way- you and Yanky shud be zoicheh to 'ONLY SIMCHAS' LOL MIRIAM

    Sunday Sep 26th 2004
  • shani kornbluth:

    Chosson, Kallah, Mazel Tov!! This is such AAAAMMMMAAZING news!!!!!! Lemme tell you, that was a shocker! after seeing you the day before; howd you manage 2 do it so quick?? i was just thinking about a few of our "hangouts"and all over the past years and it sorta hit me that now we are really growing up...good times, good times. Yanky, youre getting the absolute sweetest girl on the planet, and let me tell you, she makes the best deli sandwich, isnt that right, blimi:) Thanx for giving me another reason to finally make it to the holyland!!!!! alrity-henei ani mevarechet etchem sheh H"kbh et kol ma'aseichem v'oskeichem v'tizkeh sheh kulan yihyu l'shalom dveikut baborie yisborach shmo. Bracha v'hatzlacha Bakol Bakol Bakol :-D

    Sunday Sep 26th 2004
  • Mordy & Fraidy Neuman:

    Yanky, Mazel Tov! You see, every dog has its day! Ooooos.... sorry, thats just an expression... it should be 'every dude has his day'..... Mazel Tov and lots of nachas and love and a gmar chasimeh tova

    Thursday Sep 23rd 2004
  • yoel e braun:

    Mazal Tov yanky like to wish you lots of Happiness Great Luck and much more simchas TO come have a happy healthy and sweet NEW YEAR Mazal Tov again Yoeli B. /PEOPLE

    Thursday Sep 23rd 2004
  • yoELkon :

    Mazel tov! mit asach mazel in glick.

    Wednesday Sep 22nd 2004
  • rivky ostreicher:

    hey bleems!!! i dont have to use as many adjectives as chay did to explain to u my excitement over ur great news! i felt so relieved when i heard!! u just shocked me to the core on erev rosh hashana! but u always know how to do things the interesting way. gosh, lots of weddings for us b'h! may we have more and more! cant wait to finally do "the" dance, so many people are just dieing to know!!! love u tons! may you be zoche to all the best of brochos and may chay and i be able to join u and es asap in the holy land!

    Tuesday Sep 21st 2004
  • Motty, Esty, Perele & Hershy Schlesinger:

    MAZEL TOV, YANKY!!!!!!!!!!! We would all like to wish you a Mazel Tov, You should be zoche to build a BNB, And have a happy healthy life life together. (Hope you won't make the chasuna on erev pesach:)

    Tuesday Sep 21st 2004
  • Chaya Kwadrat:

    Mazel Tov Yanky & Blimi!! Such wonderful news! we wish you the best for your future. you should have lots of syata dishmaya in all you do. were looking forward to having you as a newlywed at our shabbos table! seeya at the tenoim!!! Love, Yoily and Chaya

    Tuesday Sep 21st 2004
  • Toby Barsky:

    hey Blimi, Mazel tov! This is so exciting and even more so that I spoke to you this morning and heard your excitement! I wish you all the best and only simcahs, Toby :-)

    Tuesday Sep 21st 2004
  • G T:

    Mazel tov!!!! no pressure or anything to post- Blimi..... (thinkthinkthink). ON all seriousness, wishing both of you a lifetime of happiness and health... even when your`e off bungee jumping and poor Yanky is holding his heart making sure it`s still attached....Yanky- you got yourself one amazing girl that`s full of life and heart of gold. WIshing you guys all the best and may your happiness only grow and grow. MAZEL TOV!!!!! ~G

    Tuesday Sep 21st 2004
  • Raizy Blau:

    mazel tov blimi and yanky! we were quite excited to hear the wonderful news... and of the 'impromptu' meeting at eichlers LOL!!! anyway, benzion claims u guys look great together, and we'd like to wish you the very best always - mazel tov!!!

    Monday Sep 20th 2004
  • rivky lustig:

    Mazel Tov!! Mazel Tov!! Beautiful news- I'm so happy for you and wish you both all the bracha, health and happiness!! Mazel Tov Zalmon Leib, Machi and family- may you always be busy with such exciting events!

    Monday Sep 20th 2004
  • 1271 51 st:

    Mazel Tov Yankee! We are so happy for you!! Yankee. You made our day and year. We all had a feeling that you will still make it on this year. And you did!!! WOW!! Yankee we need you here we will miss you. We can’t wait to dance at your wedding and Shave beroches. Anyway you should be zoche to build a bayis neman byisroel till the 120 years from big boss. Red 1. Sweet Mayer & Moshe. And the twin brothers. And of course don’t forget Shimlu.

    Monday Sep 20th 2004
  • esti teller:


    Monday Sep 20th 2004
  • yitty tessler:


    Monday Sep 20th 2004
  • your friend:

    Mazel tovvvv to the couple of the new/old year!....Gosh Blimi! Only YOU can do that to your family and friends. Anyway, you've been wined and dined for so long, you sure you want to give it up for engaged/married life? He wont always be the perfect gentleman he is now (Sorry YankeeBoy, no one stays that way forever!) Domanis, Abigails, Tevere 84, My Most Favorite, The Box Tree (?), Va Bene, Park East Grill or Le Marais,the boat ride to Jersey, or the cruise on the Hudson, or the rowboat in central park. What was that guitar player thingie about anyway? Or the helicopter ride (Ill leave out some stuff in the middle. Cuz I forgot.) And I heard all about the honeypot you made him! And that solid silver rose, and the teddy bear. And the 3-dozen white roses. Get ME someone like that. Seriously, you two are just so awesome, it's great to watch. But underneath all that fun, you're both such special people. Bleem, I know you well enough to know that whoever you choose must be really special. And Yanky, since this erev Rosh Hashana engagement (which I want you to apologize for, because I almost died of shock) I've heard the most unbelievable things about you. When you guys decide on a wedding date (finally!) let me know, ok? (If you can guess my identity.) Just don't tell everyone the day before, or you'll have no friends left. Love youuuuu.

    Monday Sep 20th 2004
  • Amnon's Click:

    Dearest Blimi, So many years ago, back when we were younger in days of pleated skirts and high school, we all were craving pizza and that's where it all began and we walked across the land for Amnon's food. Such "holy words" we spoke over our greasy french fries and soon the friendships began to sprout and so began the parties, the sleepovers and suaree's we're gonna miss those days but don't freak out! We dedicate -this song we've been waiting for so long to do our dance on your wedding day, we dedicate those years, of the crazy times, fun and tears, lechaim dear! To many more Fridays! so many years ago, back in the village of twin oaks, we skiied, we sported, we spa'd and sang, we rapped, we cooked , we boiled milk, we blank-bopped down a hill we racked up a quite a bill in disney land, we lunched and suppered gusto, cirqa, and much more we conquered every store in the mall between treasure hunts and restaurants manhattan a to z but the best part is that we, videotaped it all! we dedicate...... so blimi dear your getting married now, your name is changing - say goodbye to "blau" but that's all that 's changing - we're all staying put! and yes of course we wish you mazal tov, but let 's just clear it- you're not absolved! we'll see you soon on friday afternoon be there or you're through we'll be waiting for you Get on the plane and go Straight to Amnons' Even if your sick The plans stick ! love , the Amnon's Click!

    Monday Sep 20th 2004
  • Chayala Hartstein:

    I said-a Blee-Mee- Oy Oy i can't believe it lumer vinchin a mazal tov... in the words of "The man with the Kipper" i just wanted to tell you how shocked, flabbergasted, amazed, thrilled, enthused,pumped up, excited, delighted, elated,bonkers,ecstatic, overjoyed, joyfull, on cloud nine, and simply how happy i STILL am about your amazing news!! anyway, once again , in the words of the "man with the kipper" - blimi mit yanky- dos is nayes! lema'aseh, i can not wait to dance at your wedding ( whether it's the 23 or the 25th ) i'm getting out my dancing shoes and i'm coming! ( whether it's in terrace or marina or ateres or maybe lake george.....save me room on the speedboat!) now, just for the standard, MAY YOU BE ZOCHE TO BUILD A BAYIS NE'EMAN ( or at least find a lovely apartment in minchas yitzchok!) Bi'Israel!( literally!)anyway, we all approve, we're sure he's wonderful, ( he'd better be good enough to take our place!) for once you did things right! we're so so proud of you , we love you and we can't wait for all the festivities, love always, the six-clickers, aka, the gantze chevra, (but really, Crunch)

    Monday Sep 20th 2004
  • Ariella G:

    MAZEL TOV BLEEMZ!!!! :-) I'm so happy and excited for you!!! May you and your chosson be zoche to build a bayis neeman biyisroel, and you should have happiness always and all the brachos in the world!!!! MAZEL TOV AGAIN!!!

    Sunday Sep 19th 2004
  • Moish & Aziza Wolhendler:

    Phone call day of date # 1, Hello? yeah hi, vus titzich? Gurnisht zug Moishy?Ya, I need a good place to go tonight have anything? ok yada yada yada............ date # 303, phone call Hello? Yaaaaaaa? Moish youre not helpin me I need to take her somwhere, i'm goin crazy we went everywhere already. pause.... Yanky? yes. dija take here to williamsburg yet ? Uh nope. Ok I know this great place................................................... .......................... Mazel tov Chosen and Kallah!!!! P.S. Altz chusen treft men zich saivee nisht, lucky me ...Im tired drove all day bye..

    Sunday Sep 19th 2004
  • Hindy L Malek:

    Mazel Tov Blimi! We are so happy for you!! Best of luck in marriage - you'll need it! Just kidding! Seriously, we were so thrilled to hear the news! Best news we've heard all year! Yanky, you got a wonderful girl - very kind, creative and intelligent. And she comes from a great family too! Particularly did you hear about her nice cousins on 57th Street? No? Oh. Anyway we wish you only happiness! May you build a home filled with warmth and simcha! Hillel and Hindy

    Sunday Sep 19th 2004
  • machi blau:

    Dear Blimi and Yanky, We couldn't be happier for the both of you; and for us!! We love you both, and are so amazingly proud of you. You're both phenomenal people and we wish from the bottom of our hearts that you have "onlysimchas" and much joy every moment, now and forever......With love, Tatty, Mommy, Luzi, Rivki, Chana Perela and Zecharya

    Sunday Sep 19th 2004
  • esty elbogen:

    mazel tov blimi! i guess you had to do it before the years end, because you are now "so last year" but my oh my how you guys are hopping to it! its quite amazing keninah horah! much brachos and happiness for you and the chus! -esty

    Saturday Sep 18th 2004


    Saturday Sep 18th 2004
  • Miriam Rochel Massouda:


    Saturday Sep 18th 2004
  • yehudis feinstein:

    Blimi - You know how i feel about signing guest books but i have got to say, this one hit me!! The is so much to say but i dont have the time to write it all down. I was just browsing onlysimchas and wow!!! I wont write all the mushy stuff, ill tell it to you in person :). Yehudis PS - i guess cinderella found her prince after all. When the time was right of course!

    Wednesday Sep 15th 2004
  • Miriam ~:

    Mazal Tov Blimi! May your match made in heaven bring nachas to everyone around you. Can't wait to do the dance at your wedding! Love Miriam

    Wednesday Sep 15th 2004

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