Engagement of tova treuhaft & ieshula ishakis

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Wednesday, August 11, 2004 Baltimore, MD, USA

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  • Rycia & Shmuel Tessler:

    Just heard the great news. Mazel Tov. May your lives be filled with happiness.

    Tuesday Aug 24th 2004
  • Nechama n T:

    Dear Tova, Mazel tov! This is so awesome, I'm so excited for you and so happy for your chosson because he has such a great kallah. Can't wait to wish you m.t. in person, love, Frim

    Wednesday Aug 18th 2004
  • Esti Kranczer:

    All we can say is...ooooppppaaaaahhhh!! We are sooo thrilled! Now you have lots of reasons to come visit Detroit!!! We wish you tons of mazel, bracha & alla goota zachen!!! -Meir, Esti, & Bracha Chaviva Kranczer

    Tuesday Aug 17th 2004
  • Moshe and Shaindel Steinberg:

    MAZAL TOV!! Remember me? Torty Jay!! jk! Shaindel Jay!! Hello I can't believe it. You don't know what just happened. I'm sitting here with Ahron and looking through the engagments and I see Tovah Rochel Truehaft and I freaked out i was sooo excited so I went in and it said she was from switzerland. Anyway I was like oh well I though it was Tova that would of been soooo exciting. Then I continue and again I see TOVA T. This time I checked before I got sooo excited. This is such exciting news. Well anyway I wanted to call to wish you all the best but faigel is in the cottage and i can't get through to her so I decided to sign your guest book. Well I wish you all the best and you should be zocheh to build a bayis neeman byisroel (i'm not just saying it I really mean.) Mazel Tov again. Love Mosh Shaindel and of course CHAIM YOSEF

    Monday Aug 16th 2004
  • yocheved w:

    Mazel Tov!!! Yocheved (Weintraub) Weiss

    Sunday Aug 15th 2004
  • dov& devorah:

    Tova! I hope you got my message on your cell phone but in any case my biggest Mazel Tov. I was soo happy to hear the great news and still would like to speak to you. Be in touch, Devorah Finkelstein.

    Friday Aug 13th 2004
  • Temima Rozsansky:

    Mazel Tov! Temima (Leiser) Rozsansky

    Friday Aug 13th 2004
  • Dena Szpilzinger:

    Mazal tov Tova and Ieshula! I am so excited! Tova, we have to let Chandra know, ;-). May you be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman. Love, Dena

    Friday Aug 13th 2004
  • Yaakov Rosenblatt:

    mazel tov ieshula (DUKE)! I was very happy to hear the nice news.may all the brachos you get now all come true, ROZY

    Friday Aug 13th 2004
  • Goldie Weingarten:

    Mazal Tov Tova and Ieshula!!! This is really great news. You both did great. Wishing you all the best. Tova, I hope to speak to you soon.

    Thursday Aug 12th 2004
  • Aryeh and Zahava Tirnauer:

    What a beautiful simcha - we are so excited and happy for both of you!! Mazel Tov!

    Thursday Aug 12th 2004
  • tzippy traube:

    mazel tov!! all the best, Tzippy (Traube)

    Thursday Aug 12th 2004
  • Devorah Deutsch:

    Mazel Tov Tova!! This message is from a long long lost friend (hint, think of 10 lovely months together with green shower clogs.) I am thrilled for you!!!!!!! I hope you and your chos enjoy a lifetime of happiness together. I will be in NY for Sukkos and a bit after so if you are getting married then please let me know, all my love, Devorah P.S. Natasha if you are out there, drop Boris a line- he misses you

    Thursday Aug 12th 2004
  • Shaindy Pinsker:

    Mazel Tov Tova & Ieshula. We are so happy for you! May we share many more simchos!~Love Shaindy (Fried) Pinsker & Family

    Thursday Aug 12th 2004

    Mazel Tov to Allan and Malka and the whole Treuhaft and Ishakis families. This is truly a great Simcha! Mazel Tov and much Bracha to the Chosson and the Kallah. Your friends @ BFPCPA.COM

    Thursday Aug 12th 2004
  • Dini&Akiva Grunewald:

    Dear Tova & Ieshula, Mazel Tov!!! WE are sooooo happpy for the two of you and are truly looking forward to the wedding. It was really nice meeting you yesterday and we can't wait to get to know you better. As you know by now, Tova is a great girl and she has always been there for me. We are soooo happy to know that she is getting a really great guy as well. Mazal tov from the entire Zelman family as well, we are truly all thrilled!!! May you both share a lifetime of only happiness, simcha, mazel, bracha and all the good stuff . We love you!!!Love, Dini & Akiva Grunewald.

    Thursday Aug 12th 2004
  • delly sontag:

    mazel tov devori

    Thursday Aug 12th 2004
  • Chico _:

    Mazal Tov!!!! Always glad to see simchas in the NERC family!! I don't think we met, but you still get mail in yeshiva so a hearty Mazal Tov from all the bochrim. May you be zoche to build a BNB.

    Thursday Aug 12th 2004
  • B. Schachter:

    Mazel Tov Ieshula! Who's singing at your chupah? I can produce a recording of 'your' Chupah rendition and have it played in surround sound. By the way, I am booked that evening. Lots of Luck. Bumy S.

    Thursday Aug 12th 2004
  • Channie and Tuvi Lundner:

    Mazel Tov Ieshula!! We just heard the news. We are very excited and thrilled for you. Wishing you only the best to you and your family. Congratulations, Channie and Tuvi

    Wednesday Aug 11th 2004
  • Avi and Sarala Wasser:

    Hey Bonafina....Mazal tov!!!! so excited to hear the great news! we can't wait to meet your chosson... and just remember - don't eat the cookies, they're not so healthy -the wassers

    Wednesday Aug 11th 2004
  • Devori T.:

    Mazal Tov! And to think I almost could have found out from onlysimchas;)! Anyway, we are all SO happy here, and can't wait to drink lechaim on red mountain dew aka code red! Mazal tov and Ieshula, welcome to the family! love, devori

    Wednesday Aug 11th 2004
  • Yitzchok Saftlas:

    I still can't believe I didn't think of it! What a great shidduch! Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov. May Hashem bentch you with abundant Siyata Dishmaya in building a true Bais Neeman B'Yisrael.

    Wednesday Aug 11th 2004
  • Devorah Neuhaus:

    MAZEL TOV Tova and Ieshula!!!! No one in the world could be happier than we are!!!! Welcome Ieshula to the family... and lots of happiness together!!! Love, Varda, Bernie, Avi, Devorah, Dovid, Moshe, Avital & Yael

    Wednesday Aug 11th 2004
  • Michele Kirschner:

    Mazel Tov from the Dworetsky family in Plainview. Ieshula, we think you stayed with us 3 years ago for the Seed program. If not Mazel Tov anyway.

    Wednesday Aug 11th 2004

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