Engagement of Tzvi Blech & Aviva (Vivi) Rosenkranz

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Sunday, June 22, 2003 Suffern , NY, USA

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  • Shani Rosenberg:

    Mazel Tov Vivi.....This is such great news....So happy for you.....Was very cute to see your picture....keep smiling.....shani Rosenberg (Assaf)

    Friday Jun 27th 2003
  • The Bold:

    HEY TZVI! MAZAL TOV!! You know, I'm not into this signing the guestbook thing, but I'll make an exception for you. By the way, Monsey girls are the best - take it from someone who knows. You can come visit me a little more often now, you know. I'll be right across the park for just a couple more weeks. Let me end off that all the brocha that I gave you at the l'chayim should come true.

    Tuesday Jun 24th 2003
  • Avromi & Reitzu Iczkovits:

    Hey Vivi! I was so excited to hear the amazing news...mazal tov to you and your chosson- would love to see some pics on line- hope all is well- have a blast preparing-regards from Montreal- Love Reitzu (Schwartz)

    Tuesday Jun 24th 2003
  • Melissa Chames:

    Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov! I cannot believe this day finally came! Tzvi, I'd like to have a word with your kallah at some point!!! Anyway, mazel tov again to my dear friend's brother and your kalla, (HaShem should help her)!!! Tizku l'vnos bayis neeman biyisrael, Melissa

    Monday Jun 23rd 2003
  • Esti Spar:

    Dear Aviva and Tzvi, AMUSH"T Mazel Tov!!! Mazel Tov!! We're thrilled to hear such exciting news. May the two of you have all the mazel, bracha, hatzlacha, health, and HAPPINESS in the world!!! Tzvi, i'm sure you know what an amazing girl you got there so you better take very good care of her. Good Luck with all the preparations and have FUN!!! love, esti and david spar

    Monday Jun 23rd 2003
  • Rafi and Michla Berlin:

    Dear Aviva and Chasan, YAY!!!!!!!! Mazel Tov! we are so so happy for you guys. Rafi, Michla and Dani

    Monday Jun 23rd 2003
  • Benzy Lerner:

    Massive Mazel Tov to all the family! Devorah, Benzy and Zvi Lerner

    Monday Jun 23rd 2003
  • Itta Faigy Salamon:

    MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!!! Still remember me????? Just think of summer 2000 and then it should click into your mind.I want to wish you a major mazel tov and may you & Tzvi build a bayis neeman in klal yisroel! And may we only share in simchas togther. Luv, Itta Faigy Salamon

    Monday Jun 23rd 2003
  • Lou J Shapp:


    Monday Jun 23rd 2003
  • Noemie Braun:

    Hey cuz... ;-) Wishing you and your kalleh a big mazal tov!!! May you always be as happy as you are today. Wishing you all the best, Samy & Noemie

    Monday Jun 23rd 2003
  • Sarete & Aaron Kaplan:

    Mazal Tov!!! Woe! I was talking to my Mom yesterday and she told me someone I know will be getting engaged! Well I guess it was you! Wow! I am soooooo happy! May you much happiness etc.. I am sure I will get details from my family! Mazal tov again. Sarete (Helprin)

    Monday Jun 23rd 2003
  • Shoshie Kirschner:

    Mazal Tov Vivi and Tzvi!!! I've been hearing so much about you Vivi from Dani and Adina (only good things- haha) that when it said your name on this website I just had to sign your guestbook even though it's 2 in the morning and I have a chemistry regent in less than 48 hours! Mazal Tov to both of your families and especially to you Dani who will be the only girl home now! Who are you going to call for fashion advice??? May you build a bayis neeman biyisrael and bond like hydrogen which is the stongest bond- i think. (Can't you tell there are other things on my mind?!?!) MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!

    Monday Jun 23rd 2003
  • Diana Benmergui:

    Dear Tzvi and Aviva, MAZAL TOV!! Wishing you both much nachas, simcha, bracha and hatzlacha for many many years to come! May you both be zoche to build a Bayit Ne'eman B'yisroel! Love always, Diana B.

    Monday Jun 23rd 2003
  • Tziporah R Lisker:

    hheeeeeyyyyyy vivi!!! MAZAL TOV!! im soooo soooooo happy 4 u!!! im even taking time out of studying for my chem regent to sign ur guestbook- and my computer works ssooooo slow, so it takes a pretty long time! anywayz, tzvi- u are soooooo lucky to get such a great girl!! ( not as great as the guy who will get me, but 2nd to greatest- jk ) may u build a bayis neeman byisroel and have lots of nachus from eachother and bla bla......... all the nice seriouse stuff. mwaaaa!!!!! mazal tov again!!! mazel tov dani!!!

    Monday Jun 23rd 2003
  • zvi gluck:

    MAZAL TOV, MAZAL TOV. May you guys be zoche to be happy and healthy untill 120, and build a bayis ne'eman b'yisroel. Tzvi, at least I FINALLY got a phone call. Take care and keep in touch. Aviva and Zvi Gluck

    Monday Jun 23rd 2003
  • Michal Lazarus:

    Mazal Tov Aviva!!! I was so happy to hear the great news. I guess that means the potential to meet you again while we're both on dates is not there anymore. Oh well. Wishing you and Tzvi all the best, Michal.

    Sunday Jun 22nd 2003
  • Chaim Lazarus:

    Dear Tzvi and Aviva, Mazel Tov - May you build a Bayis neeman byisroel and all that good stuff. Tzvi - I was wondering why you weren't by chulent friday night, it just wasn't the same without you. You better have a good story for us next friday. Well if you decide to stay in Baltimore i think we will change the location to your house. Just kididng. all the best, Chaim

    Sunday Jun 22nd 2003
  • Rochel (Burnbaum) Cohen:

    Dearest Vv and Tzvi, MAZEL TOV!! We're so excited for you both. Tzvi, from what I've heard so far you sound like a really great guy and as I'm sure you already know you got an amazing, wonderful and beautiful girl inside and out. May you both be zoche to a lot of simcha and mazel and as you will hear over and over again-you should be zoche to build a bayis neman b'yisroel. Oh, and as Mr. Rosenkranz always says, "You should have gezunt, yideshe nachas and AAA LOT of parnasa." :-) Mazel Tove again Love, Roch and Aaron

    Sunday Jun 22nd 2003
  • The Zwebners:

    wishin you Tzvi and ur Kallah Mazel Tov.... the zwebners (london)

    Sunday Jun 22nd 2003
  • Hudi (Ginsberg) Kenigsberg:

    MAZEL TOV!!!!!! Aviva, I'mn so happy for you! You should only have the most amazing brachos this world can offer . . . . Maxel Tov!

    Sunday Jun 22nd 2003
  • Sheindele Lebovic :

    mazal tov, i'm really happy for u. wishing u all the best. was hoping to see you at the wedding here in belgium tomo, i guess u won't make it, but for good reasons i see. :) all the best, sheindy

    Sunday Jun 22nd 2003
  • Shana Zelinger:

    Mazal Tov Vivi and chosson!! I was soo excited to hear the news- may you both be zoche to build a house with bracha and mazal till 120! p.s. you looked absolutely adorable together in 7-11 :)...sorry for chasing you all around monsey! Wishing you the best, Shana Zelinger

    Sunday Jun 22nd 2003
  • Judit and David Braun:

    YOU DID IT!! Mazel tov! I wish you all the best in your future life with Vivi, you should built a bayis ne'eman beyisroel. Vivi, you got a very special guy, you will absolutely never ever be bored with him. Hope to see you soon. Mazel tov again from your cuz

    Sunday Jun 22nd 2003
  • The Glazers:

    Mazel Tov!

    Sunday Jun 22nd 2003

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