Engagement of Larah Glaser & Jon Kirschner

Friday, February 14, 2003

Friday, February 14, 2003 Jamaica Estates, NY, USA

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  • Bart Simpson:

    Holy Cow! Jon with the beauty of your neshama you should bezrat hashem fill your house with joy and Torah and beautiful babies with mushy tushies!

    Sunday Mar 16th 2003
  • chaim lesser:

    jon, you have nerve. please call me with you address. 718-757-2181

    Wednesday Mar 12th 2003
  • Yitzchak R Jakobi:

    Jon - Mazal tov!!! I'm so happy for you and your kallah. I'm sorry that I missed the vort, I didn't hear about it until after it was over. Have you told Rav Amos yet? My chavrusa, Moshe Leib Cohen, sent me the shul announcements from St. Louis.

    Friday Feb 28th 2003
  • Becky a Franklin:

    Dearest Larah and Jon, Mazel Tov! We are so happy for you two and wish you guys all the happiness that married life accompanies. May you be zoche to build a Bayit Ne'eman Bi Yisroel. Love, Dovid and Becky Franklin

    Monday Feb 24th 2003
  • Avi Frier:

    NO WAY!!! I AM SO OLD!!! Mazal Tov, and I wish you all the best! Check out our recent simcha at www.frier.net -- Avi Frier

    Thursday Feb 20th 2003
  • Keren Klein:

    Larah and Jon, I really feel that I am Zoche to know both of you. You both have such beautiful souls, and knowing you guys found each other really makes me believe in Hashgacha. I wish you so much happiness and mazal tov. I hope to see you soon in Israel. Love, Keren

    Thursday Feb 20th 2003
  • Lali Geldman:

    Mazal Tov jon and Larah! larah you don't know me but i'm a friend of Keren's from Israel. Yes it's been quite a while, Jon since you've heard from me, I just wnated to wish you both all the Simchah in the world. May you both be Zocheh to build a new home in Israel! Jon, I hear you're a lucky man!

    Thursday Feb 20th 2003
  • Esther Levine-Polirer:

    Larah! What a wonderful surprise! Mazel tov! I hope all is going well with you! I'd really love to hear all about your engagement and your wedding plans! If you need any advice on wedding planning I'd be happy to help. My most recent e- mail address is: [email protected] I hope to hear from you soon! Mazel tov to both you and Jon! Love, Esther

    Wednesday Feb 19th 2003
  • tamby harrold:

    wow-what a nice surprise:) mazel tov larah:) may your life together always be filled with happiness,love and all good things:) luv,tamby

    Wednesday Feb 19th 2003
  • Hailey & Ariel (Salcman) Remer:

    Mazel Tov! We are so excited for you. May you guys be zoche to anything you want and need in life. Love, Hailey & Ariel

    Wednesday Feb 19th 2003
  • Ronit Gurtman:

    Mazal Tov! We wish you all the happiness in the world. (can you please post some pictures for us out of towners who dont get to be there????) Love Always, Ronit and Brian

    Wednesday Feb 19th 2003
  • aliza hochner:

    Dear Lara and Jon, MAZEL TOV!!! we are so excited for you guys. your l'chaim was a blast! All the best. Love, Aliza Hochner, Rachel Galbut, Rachel Rosenblatt, Heidi Paul, Shari Wolkenfeld, Atara Zisquit

    Monday Feb 17th 2003
  • Sarete & Aaron Kaplan:

    Larah!! Mazal tov to you and Jon. I am sooo happy for you! :) I was talking to Tamar Hochner and she was telling me all about you guys! It is so nice. Love, Sarete (Helprin)

    Sunday Feb 16th 2003
  • Aristotle 613:

    wow!! Lara, we are sooo happy for you. you are such a great girl you only deserve simchas. May Hashem continue to only bless you with a mazel tov and siman tov. luv the kramers

    Sunday Feb 16th 2003
  • Chaim Y Rabenstein:

    Mazel Tov from Eretz Yisrael! Jon, The last two times that I really got to know you and from the first moment I knew that you are really special person. Larah, You are the luckiest woman in the wolrd to be engaged to Jon. May we share many more simchas in near future. Hatzlachos Rabba ! - Chaim

    Saturday Feb 15th 2003
  • Jordana Brown:

    Guys! The party was crazy! The Bronfman Center was hopping! You were both glowing! (Like the wicks in your speech, Jon!) Anyway... Larooshes/L.G./Leora Yael! I am so completely happy and excited for you. You are an unbelievably special and wonderful person and you deserve every happiness Hashem gives you. I can not wait to see what an adorable little wife you make, and I am counting down the days till we paint Miami red in July! I love you to bits! Mazel tov to all the Glasers! Jon- you have really got yourself a grade- A Kallah. Make sure you treat her like the jewel she is- I know you will. Excellent proposal by the way! Mazel tov also of course to the Kirschners! To both you guys, I love you and Mazel tov a million and ten times! Love always, Jordana

    Friday Feb 14th 2003

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