USA Birth of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Elisheva (Amdur) Greebel: Welcome to the world baby girl! Love always, Abba and Mommy
Monday Jan 6th 2003
Elisheva R Greebel: Hi Dassah!! I love you! ..Hesh
Wednesday Jan 8th 2003
USA Birth of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Elisheva (Amdur) Greebel: Welcome to the world baby girl! Love Always, Abba & Mommy
Monday Jan 6th 2003
Elisheva R Greebel: Hi Gayil!!! I love you and miss you all!
Wednesday Jan 8th 2003
CA Engagement of delete delete & x x on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Gav & Tamara Friedman: Mazal Tov! how come no one told us that you guys were engaged! we better be invited to the wedding! and we really want to sit at the head table! can our place cards say HT on them? that is SOOOO cool! We really hope that there will be sushi and organic food at the wedding. if there isn't then we regret to inform you that we cant come. Mazal Tov! Love, Gav & Tamara
Wednesday Mar 12th 2003
Aliyah of delete delete on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Gav & Tamara Friedman: Oh no, now that Daddy finally figured out how to sign this thing, he's going around signing everyone's pages! This is so humiliating!
Wednesday Jan 15th 2003
Wednesday Jan 22nd 2003
David, Sonya & Moshe Kaplan: Shoshi & Aron~Mazal Tov. Our first post was more mushy and original, but unfortunately it's close to 10:00p.m and that causes brain blockage. We just wanted to express how beautiful your wedding was and that we wouldn't have missed it for the world. We do hope that you eventually do make it in to Toronto one day. You both look so beautiful in the pictures, can't wait to see them in person. Lots of love, your cousins in Toronto. David, Sonya & Moshe xoxo
Wednesday Feb 12th 2003
USA Wedding of Esther Rachel Kaner & Levi Yitzchok Rosen on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Chana E. Gross: Mazel Tov Esther!! Im really happy for u and i really really wanna see pictures so i can really see what Meira is talking about since i had to walk home with her everyday!!! Love,Chana Etta
Tuesday Apr 1st 2003
M S: Mazel tov to the Chosson and Kallah. Don't know you, but you are one adorable couple. May you have a lot of mazel and brocha your whole life through.
Friday Apr 11th 2003
Chavie Bornstein: Dearest Esther, I appologize for not being able to make it to your BEAUTIFUL CHASSANAH. I'm so happy i was able to see pictures. You were one GORGEOUSE bride! The wedding looked like a beautiful event just like any kallah would have dreamed. I hope i see you around sometime, since we both live in the same city, not too far from eachother. Mazel Tov, and i hope you will stay this happy FOREVER. May you build a bayis ne'eman biyisroel. Chavie Bornstein (Weiss)
Saturday Apr 12th 2003
USA CA Wedding of x x & x x on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Josh Guttman: Mazal Tov! sorry i couldn't make it to the wedding but i heard it was amazing! I hope to get to see the video!take care and i'll try getting in touch with you
Sunday Aug 24th 2003
Adrianne Drazin: What beautuful pictures! We're so thrilled for you both, Mazel Tov! Lots of love, Adrianne & Shlomo Drazin
Monday Aug 25th 2003
Shara Nachman: Dear Gav and Tamara, Mazal Tov! I wish you all the best. May you be zocheh to build a bayit ne'eman beyisrael. From the Nachman family
Tuesday Aug 26th 2003
USA CA Wedding of delete delete & d x on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Ronit F: Rosa and Etan, I want to wish you a mazal Tov! I'm sorry I coudln't make it to the wedding. Ro u looked great! Be in touch, Ronit
Thursday Aug 21st 2003
Hailey & Ariel (Salcman) Remer: Mazel Tov guys! It is such exciting news that you two got married. Rosa- remember those chats we had a camp? I guess everything really worked itself out. may you guys build a bais neeman byisroel and we hope to see you soon. love, hailey and ariel
Sunday Aug 24th 2003
Hillel,Racheli,Tzvi and Aviel C Fuld: Mazel tov!It was very nice seeing you on visiting day and it is nice seeing you in your pictures,you should only grow happier for many years to come,and ....MAKE ALIYAH!
Thursday Aug 28th 2003
IL Siyum of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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susie chovev: Dear Yoash and Renee, Your wedding was beautiful! Can't wait to see you again. Love, Susie, Naftali, Chaim and Ayelet
Monday Oct 13th 2003
USA Wedding of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Mutty & Malkie Lipschitz: Sorry we could not make it to the wedding… sounds like we were the only people on the plant NOT at the weeding. We were in Vermont skiing, but this time Malkie got a cast not Chanie. Anyway hope all is well with Shalom Bayous……..having a wonderful Shabbat and a great life together forever.
Friday Dec 26th 2003
deenie m ungar: mazel tov yaira!! you looked beautiful!! -deenie (camp simcha)
Wednesday Dec 31st 2003
Reb Nachman: Uman Uman Rosh Hashana.May this union be blessed , may the Shechina find peace and Shabbat.Throught this fleeting experience called life, we are meant to find a mate, with whom we are ideally supposed to spend the rest of our lives with , to learn and build ,grow and flower, essentially to live with purpose fulfilling our divinely bestowed potential together. And always coming for Rosh Hashana......
Tuesday Aug 10th 2004
Engagement of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Avidan Ackerson: Mazel Tov, Dovid! Just got back from the 'Vim and everyone says hi. Almost made it into Baltimore for your L'Chaim from U of P but I wasn't feeling great, so I'm sorry. Wish you all the best!
Sunday Jan 9th 2005
Professor Melonhead: Good show, old man, good show. Me and all my friends (T-rex, Harry bochur, byron, chewie and the rest) wish you the best and are currently hunting down a leopard so we can skin it and prepare a proper garb for the momentous occasion of the harmonious joy-filled communion of you two teriffic individuals and as such may not be able to be perfectly punctial to previously mentioned occasion. Apologies abound and a few words of wisdom offered: avoid any and all possible canoe trips and never give up hope because no matter what it is it can't possibly be worse than Purim shpiel:first cut. All the best. -P. Melonhead (p.s. don't forget to invite me to your next bbq)
Saturday Jan 15th 2005
Rachel Wiznitzer: CHAMMIE!! DOV!! I just made an onlysimchas account two seconds ago so sorry bout the delay in signing your post. MAZAL TOV! yay! I am SO excited for the wedding-- I'm so happy for you guys! Anyhow, mazal tov again, and again, and again. Talk to you guys soon!! Love always, your sister and friend, Rachel
Monday Jan 31st 2005
IL Wedding of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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dinny dadon: brachie!!!!!! mazal tovvv!!!! pashut madhim lirot otach po pitom!! hamooooon osher!! dinny dadon, lod. (zocheret?;-)
Tuesday Dec 21st 2004
Becca A Berman: Dear Ari and Brachie! First of all mazel tov im sorry I couldn't be there to share in your simcha, but Michael told me your wedding was beautiful! Your pictures are stunning, I really cant stop looking at them! Its so nice to see how happy you both are when you're together... may you always continue to spread that happiness wherever you go. When we first met, you both made me feel so comfortable and welcome and that's something I will never forget. You are such special people and I wish you a life full of hatzlachah, happiness and only simcha! Mazel tov, Love ya- Becca
Sunday Dec 26th 2004
C K: WOW Brachie!! Stunning pictures! I wish you 2 all the happiness in the world! (e-mail me) Chani K.
Monday Mar 7th 2005
GI Bar Mitzvah of Ari B on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Raphi M Cohen: Besiman Tov. Now your a man maybe you will act like one.
Monday Jan 10th 2005
Daniel Benaim: ari u dog!! i really cant beleive u got your noodles already, it seemed like yesterday you came to settle in to gib b4 my barmy. may hasem shower u with berachot and success throughout your school life and beyond .from dani
Tuesday Jan 11th 2005
Wendy Medin: Ari, You were wonderful at your barmitzvah and Grandpa and I were so proud of you. You have become such a smart and handsome young man. We miss you and love you so much. From Granny
Friday Jan 14th 2005
USA Birth of Shmuly & Sorala (Schlanger) Hayes on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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shternie s abergal: hey sorole hes really cute kyh may u have much naches from him always... shternie (raskin)abergel
Monday Feb 7th 2005
Rochi cyrulnik: hey sorale, mazel tov!!!!!! he sooooooooooooooo cute. isnt it fun being a mum! it like playing dolls, up until they cry and dont shut up. enjoy everybit of rochi cyrulnik(lawrence}
Thursday Feb 10th 2005
Eli Schlanger: so cute !
Wednesday Jun 1st 2005
Graduation of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Rosenblatt B Rachel: Mazel Tov to the Yeshivat Rambam seniors "06" We're so proud of all of your wonderful accomplishments. We love you. The Rosenblatts
Friday May 26th 2006
tali rosenbluth: mazel tov chaim mitnick adn all the other seniors '06 SAB
Saturday May 27th 2006
USA CA Engagement of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Bat Sheva T segal: Mazel Tov Talia and of course Rikki and your entire family! You can't escape the inevitable Talia atleast 1 big simcha a year and I'YH it will continue, as will your gown fittings! Hatzlacha with all, Bat Sheva
Thursday Jun 29th 2006
Ezra Lwowski: Mazal Tov, Tovia & Rikki. Toronto is all excited. We hope to see you soon. The Lwowskis.
Friday Jun 30th 2006
Tuvi & Rahel: Mazal Tov! We cant wait to meet Rikki and wish you both a mazal tov in person! -Rahel and Tuvi
Friday Jun 30th 2006
USA Engagement of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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shmuel barak: Mitchy!!!!!! Mazel tove buddy! We are so happy for you... Mitch, you are truly a lady's man. I cant help but notice all the girls who have signed your guestbook. The Heights has treated you well... Ilana, you are truly getting a diamond and i dont mean the one on your finger... wow that sounded so corny.... I was sort of hoping Mitch would find himself an LA girl and come live out here, but from what I heard about you Ilana, you are worth staying in NY for. Felice and I wish you guys nothing but happiness and we cant wait for the wedding.... Just remember, Sunday is the best day for a wedding.. :) Also, I will be in Israel the whole week of thanksgiving so take that off your list :).. Again Mazel Tov, and now for the standard onlysimcha post - We wish you nothing but happiness and may you build a bayis neeman b'yisroel. -- Shmuel, Felice, and of course little Joshy.
Monday Jul 10th 2006
Y&J Goodman: Mazel Tov Ilana! This is such nice news! May you be zoche to build a beautiful bayis neeman biyisrael. All the best! - Jessica (Klein) Goodman :)
Tuesday Jul 11th 2006
Chaya and Shmulie Diamantstein: Mazel tov Ilana!! We are so so happy for you!! Enjoy every minute of it!! It's the best!! Can't wait to see you soon!! Love, Chaya, Shmulie, and family
Friday Jul 14th 2006
IL Wedding of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Hinda D Moskovitz: Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding! I am so sorry I couldn't make it. May you share a wonderful life together with everything good. I hope to see you soon! Love, Hinda
Monday Jul 3rd 2006
Tuesday Jul 4th 2006
Raphael Badouch: Mazal Tov, from Raphael & Carmit Badouch
Friday Jul 7th 2006
USA Engagement of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Eliezer & Raizy Lapian: WOW! I had a weird urge to check OnlySimchas and look who I found? What a blast from the past? Thanks for posting the pictures it was nice to see everybody again... (although you all look pretty much the same as you did, ummmm, 10 years ago?!?!?!?) Anyways- Ilana I guess the point is MAZAL TOV- I am so happy for you and would love to be in touch... Please... Raizy (Wolbe) Lapian
Tuesday Aug 1st 2006
marcia b Freud: mazel tov from an old old friend from daycamp i think bya or torah temima or sternberg dont remember Lol
Monday Aug 7th 2006
Rosslyn Khunovich: Mazel Tov!
Monday Aug 28th 2006
USA Upsherin of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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JodieS A S: Dear Rafi, Mazel Tov!!! Now you can really see what is going on in the world. Enjoy your new do. We Love you!! Luv, Uncle Alan, Auntie Jodie, Yonit and ????
Wednesday Aug 9th 2006
Esther Shayna S Kugel: RAFI mazel tov i know you dont remember me but i remember you mazel tov you look so handsome i hope too see you guys soon in school Eva Kugel
Tuesday Aug 22nd 2006
Steve M Salit: Rafi, We love you THIS MUCH!!! You were so adorable with your long curly hair, now you are b"h growing up and you are SO handsome. Don't forget, you are still the same Rafi. Mazel tov to our big boy. Love, Grandma, Grandpa, and Meemama
Tuesday Aug 22nd 2006
USA Birth of on Wednesday, Dec, 31 1969
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Monday Oct 9th 2006
Chaim Sussman: Mazel Tov!!!! So excited to hear this!
Tuesday Oct 10th 2006
Tova Bomzer: Mazel tov!! May he bring you lots of nachas
Tuesday Oct 10th 2006