USA CA Engagement of Mully Abraham & Naomi Benoliel on Thursday, Dec, 11 2014
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USA Vort/Engagement Party of Malky Erlanger & Chaim Schuk on Thursday, Dec, 11 2014
USA Engagement of Malky Erlanger & Chaim Schuk on Tuesday, Dec, 09 2014
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USA Engagement of JJ Eizik & Aviva Weinreb on Thursday, Dec, 04 2014
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Lily Kligman: Mazal tov to my birthday twin & the gantza mishpocha!
Friday Dec 5th 2014
Yonah Lazar: Mazel Tov JJ!! Best wishes to you and your wonderful family. Rabbi Lazar
Sunday Dec 7th 2014
USA Engagement of Aviva Kantor & Nosson Hirth on Tuesday, Dec, 02 2014
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CL : Mazal Tov Aviva and Nosson!!! We couldn't be happier for you! Such an incredible simcha! Wish we could be there to participate in person but just know that we are celebrating with you from afar. Mazal tov again and may the simchos just continue!!! Love, Elie, CL, and of course- Avigail!
Wednesday Dec 3rd 2014
Engagement of Ruchie Deutsch & Yerachmiel Erreich on Saturday, Nov, 15 2014
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Elisheva Rennert: Mazel tov from the Orlando Rennerts!
Sunday Nov 16th 2014
USA Bris of Moshe Eliyahu son of Nechama and Aryeh Mann on Wednesday, Nov, 12 2014
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USA Engagement of Devora Slepoy & Akiva Montal on Monday, Nov, 10 2014
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Esti (Steinmetz) Lurman : Whoopppsss! I meant Esti (Steinmetz) Lurman
Tuesday Nov 11th 2014
Rivki Slepoy: Mazel tov to my precious daughter Devora and my new son Akiva. Welcome to the family Akiva!!!! We love you both and are soooooo happy for you. Akiva, we also love your new family and are so happy to be a part of such a wonderful, loving family. May we always share many simchas together!!!!!!
Tuesday Nov 11th 2014
Atara Shira Weingot: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! DEVO's a KALLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH CAN U HEAR MY SCREAMING HERE IN ERETZ YISROEL!! AAAAAAAAAAH I"M SO EXCITED 4 U!!! MAZEL TOV MAZEL TOV !! DOES THIS AKIVA WHO IS NOW UR CHOSSON KNW WAT A SPECIAL GIRL HE GOT HE BETTER CUZ IF NOT I GOTA SET HIM STRAIGHT!!!! DEVO I LUV U!! שתזכו לבנות בית נאמן בישראל פון א בנין עדי עד! may u and ur chosson always be gebenched with only bracha hatzlacha and simchas in your lives 2gether! I want to come to the chasuna so let me knw when it is! luv u devo!
Wednesday Nov 12th 2014
USA Birth of Handsome Prince #2 to Nechama (Reece) and Aryeh Mann on Wednesday, Nov, 05 2014
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USA Engagement of Zack Nussbaum & Penina Sheer on Sunday, Oct, 26 2014
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Jennifer Meltzer: Mazel Tov Zack & Penina! And special mazel tovs to the entire Nussbaum mishpacha.
Sunday Oct 26th 2014
estie and ben fried: Mazel Tov Penina and the whole Sheer Family! So nice to hear the great news!
Sunday Nov 9th 2014
Engagement of Chaim Zvi Vorchheimer & Gitty Goldman on Thursday, Oct, 23 2014
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USA Engagement of Ovadia Somekh & Rachel Levy on Wednesday, Oct, 22 2014
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Rachel Somekh: Mazal Tov were all so excited!!!!!! love you both
Thursday Oct 23rd 2014
Rochie and Eyal Simchi: Mazal Tov Rachel and Ovadia!! we are so happy for you! best wishes to you and your families - The Simchi's
Friday Oct 24th 2014
USA IL Engagement of Leah Daum & Yizchok Aryeh Schwartz on Thursday, Sep, 18 2014
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Tzvi Daum: mazel tov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we r going crazy from this newz were in so much shock!!!!! love the daums p.s thx so much for the gorgeous pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ..
Sunday Sep 21st 2014
Tzvi Daum: LEAH MWAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! we miss u tonzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!! may u bring nachas to all of us!!!!
Sunday Sep 21st 2014
Faigy Silberman: Mazel Tov Leah!!!! Was so excited to see the great news!!! May you build a bayis neeman biyisrael!!! Kesiva Vichasima Tova! Hope you remember me... Faigy Silberman
Wednesday Sep 24th 2014
Engagement of Chani Groman & Tzvi Friedman on Sunday, Aug, 31 2014
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Mazel Tov!!!!!: Mazel Tov Chani and Tzvi!!! We're so happy and excited for you! Chani you're a KALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for my grand entrance ;). Love, LT
Monday Sep 1st 2014
kashi Grossman: Mazel Tov CHANI!!!!!!!!!!!! we cant wait to dance with you at your wedding!!!! don't worry no one knew you were getting engaged!! So why did Grammy come for Shabbos:)??? I think our mothers should lower their voices!!!!!! Mazel Tov!!!!!! Love, the Grossmans p.s. sorry we stole your 's'
Sunday Sep 7th 2014
USA Wedding of ROCHEL DAVIS (TOLCHIN) & CHOSSON MOISHE DAVIS on Thursday, Aug, 21 2014
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Atara Shira Weingot: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its here!!! the day finally arrived! ur at the hall standing under the chuppa and i'm sitting here in e"y davening and wishing i was there with u on ur special day! Rochel thats it YOUR MARRIED!! ur no longer rochel tolchin,,, So let me take this moment to wish a huge and hearty MAZEL TOV.... to the one and only new couple.... MR. AND MRS. MOISHE DAVIS!!!! DRUM ROLL PLEASE!! od yeshama bHAREI yehuda..... mazel tov ur married!!! may i take this precious moment to wish u guys a huge mazel tov and may b zoche to all the brachos in your lives together may u b zoche to a bayis neeman and a binyan adi ad! a true mikdash maat for hakodosh baruch hu's shechina to dwell and may all your needs be fulfilled and all ur dreams come true. Also a big Mazel tov to theTolchin, Feigenbaum , and Davis families what a big simcha! Moishe this is for u (rochel now don't listen) u hav just received a gem a precious neshama take care of her there is no one like rochel she is 1 of a kind a true gem and bas yisroel. Rochel i'm sure if u chose moishe he is truly very special. Take care of each other! Rochel my dearest friend i luv u so much and truly tried everything to b there w/ u! But shmulik and i can't wait to see u guys soon and esspecially to meet the one and only moishe davis! A groise mazel tov from shmulik! So from the bottom our my hearts we want to wish the young couple MR. MOISHE AND HIS REBBETZIN MRS ROCHEL DAVIS MAZEL TOV MAZEL TOV MAZEL TOV!!!! WE LUV U GUYS!!!
Thursday Aug 21st 2014
USA Engagement of Tzvi Roth & Raizy Orzel on Sunday, Aug, 17 2014
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Sarah Roth: Mazel tov! you guys are so cute! so excited 4 another girl in the famalia!
Monday Aug 18th 2014
Sarah Roth: Iyou should build a bayis neeman biyisrael :)
Monday Aug 18th 2014
yehuda roth: yay kk
Monday Aug 18th 2014
Engagement of Rivki Gutman & Yosef Weinstein on Sunday, Jul, 27 2014
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Malka rochel Horowitz: 10 ivy is rocking!!!!
Sunday Jul 27th 2014
Sara Goldstein (Brummer): Mazel tov! I am so happy for you!! Wishing you all the good things in life!!
Tuesday Jul 29th 2014
rachel schwartz: mazel tov rivki!!! so happy for you! when is your wedding? may you build a bn"b with your chosson!!!
Monday Aug 18th 2014
USA Engagement of Sarala Reich & Shlomo Katz on Sunday, Jul, 27 2014
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USA Engagement of Dina Zahler & Mattis Gluck on Sunday, Jul, 13 2014
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Malka rochel Horowitz: Uncle Mattis!!!! We are so excited.... From R,S,S,S and D!!!!
Sunday Jul 13th 2014
Mazel Tov!!!!!!!!!: MAZEL TOV DINA!!!!! I'm really happy & excited for you! May you be zoche to build a bnb filled with bracha & hatzlacha! :) Love, me (btw :(:) sends a huge mazel tov too... heehee :)
Sunday Jul 13th 2014
Chavie Nulman: Mazel Tov Dina!!!!!!!!! And the whole Zahler family! We so so happy for you! May we always continue to share in many more simchos together. From the Nulmans and Rosenwassers.
Monday Jul 14th 2014
USA Engagement of Ari Platt & Elianna Wolf on Thursday, Jul, 10 2014
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Jacob Katz: Mazel tov to Ari amazing news last platt wedding this years
Friday Jul 11th 2014
leah katz: hey eli and ari were super excited for ur wedding!!!!!!! we love the cookies!!!!!!!! love libbalicious and denim
Sunday Aug 24th 2014
Shoshana Eri: Hi Elianna!!! Just wanted to say Mazal TOV before your wedding!! So nice to see you! Lots and lots of bracha and hatzlacha to both of you!!
Monday Dec 15th 2014