WATCH: Heroic Armed Civilian Questions Why He Had To Shoot Terrorist

January 8, 2017, 12:18 PM

Tour Guide Eitan Rond was in the area when the terrorist rammed into the soldiers with a truck.

Rond was interviewed by Israeli Army Radio and said that he saw the truck drive in reverse and then forward after it initially rammed the soldiers. It was at that point that he knew this was a terror attack and that the terrorist was going for a second attack.

 “I saw a truck heading for us at very high speed. It knocked me down and I rolled over several times on the grass. At first I thought it was just an accident.”

” I checked that I still had my gun on me, I charged it and began to shoot at the wheels of the truck, I then ran after the truck and caught up to the left side of the truck and emptied my magazine into the terrorist”

Rond heroically put his life at risk to neutralize the terrorist, thus preventing further deaths or injuries.



Rond was befuddled and asked why he as a civilian had to end the attack and none of the soldiers shot the terrorist.

“The question that is most important to ask is, why does a civilian have to try neutralize the situation and not dozens of experienced officers who are standing their with more advanced and more effective rifles than my handgun. This is the question that must be asked. I have no doubt that if they had opened fire immediately, we would have had fewer injuries.” Rond said.

MK Amir Ohana praised Rond’s actions in shooting the terrorist. “Of particular note is the fact that a citizen, a tour guide, was the first to shoot the terrorist to prevent the attack from continuing. He joins a growing list of civilians who have stopped terror attacks during this terror wave. I will continue to push and encourage law-abiding citizens to carry arms and to back those who do so according to the law. “

At 1:30PM Five soldiers were killed and one is seriously injured as a truck rammed near the promenade of Armon HaNatziv in Jerusalem. 10 additional people are reported to be moderately wounded.

Many Israelis are attributed the fear of soldiers shooting to the prosecution of the Hebron soldier, Elor Azariya who was recently convicted on manslaughter for shooting a terrorist who stabbed another soldier. The terrorist was on the ground but Azariya said he feared that the terrorist would get up and attack again or explode a bomb.


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