The following was written on Esther Freeman’s Facebook page:

This is what Purim’s all about.

You wouldn’t know it but I had stopped my car about an hour ago on my block while tears streamed down my face. There are things going on in my life that make it hard sometimes to be happy. I felt helpless, alone and I thought to myself, “what does the Rebbe say at times like these?”
Go and do something for someone else to make them happy.

I unparked my car and drove to an elderly woman I heard about through my post on Facebook and went to sing for her, to make her happy.

Not saying my wounds are healed, but here’s to the ability in being there for others no matter what’s going on in one’s life.

P.s I also gave this beautiful 84 yr old woman the only Mishloach Manos I was giving this Purim.

#purim2018 #joy #happy #payitforward


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