“Last night, the nachas train was overloaded. Our son Tuvia graduated high school. This is a big occasion for any child and his parents. However, what we witnessed in the years leading up to the event and at the graduation itself went beyond the ordinary.

“Thanks to the perseverance of SINAI’s talented teachers and therapists, over the years we have watched our introverted child slowly become more extroverted. We have watched him become more comfortable in social situations with peers. We have seen him turn into a teenager who wanted to spend time with others in his age group. For a child like Tuvia, we never knew if he would ever make these extraordinary leaps.

Last night at graduation, when Tuvia was called up to the stage, as if on cue, the entire TABC senior class stood up and applauded. This was not rehearsed. This was not planned. This was a way of treating someone exactly the way you yourself would want to be treated. This was Inclusion by Design.

“I have no more words, just everlasting appreciation to SINAI for pushing our son to exceed our expectations, and the staff and students at SINAI’s partner schools who make inclusion a natural and normal reality every day.”

– Rabbi Yehudah Minchenberg, SINAI parent

Pictured: Proud parents, Rabbi Yehudah & Laurie Minchenberg, with their son, Tuvia


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