The three oldest Trump children a meeting up for a family vacation in Aspen this weekend, similar to the ski trip they took in 2015 with their spouses and children just months after their father Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency.

Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric will not be joined by their father on the trip, as Donald Trump is in Mar-a-Lago this weekend with his wife Melania and their son Barron.

So the question is: How many Secret Service agents does it take to accompany three Trump kids to Aspen?
The answer: 100

According to the Aspen Times, U.S. Secret Service agents had already spoken to local authorities in advance of the group’s arrival, and a local law enforcement source said that the Aspen Police Department was told they would not have to provide any assistance during the trip.

While the cost of the trip is unclear, it will likely be even more costly than the reported $3 million it costs for Donald Trump to go to Palm Beach every weekend.

The U.S. Secret Service signed a contract last week for more than $12,000 with the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club for rental ski equipment and clothing alone.

And it will likely all be covered by taxpayer money.

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