Trending: Gefilte Fish?!


Attention Foodies: Check out this new and exciting food trend.

Beige, boiled and usually packed in a gelatinous goo, gefilte fish is not the sort of dish that typically excites foodies.

But the plump pink terrine prepared by New York chef Jeffrey Yoskowitz for Nosh Berlin, a weeklong food festival celebrating Jewish cuisine, was baked fresh and gluten-free.

Drawing locally and from abroad, it was be a wonderful week of Jewish cooking from across Berlin and across the diaspora. Taking place at locations around the city, it was a week of cooking classes, meals, markets, demos from amazing chefs, film showings, music, shabbat dinners, and more. Nosh Berlin is about both embracing traditional food and showcasing contemporary Jewish cooking in Berlin.

Definitely your “Bubby’s Gefilte Fish”, check out how Chef Yoskowitz had it plated:

Definitely stepping up Bubby’s game.