FR Simchat Bat of Golda Doba Diamante to David & Rahel Jarach on Friday, Apr, 18 2014
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Yael M Davids: Mazal tov!!!! Une beauté!
Thursday May 8th 2014
USA Simchat Bat of Sophie Miriam Weinberger (1st Birthday) on Sunday, Jun, 27 2010
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USA Simchat Bat of eliana kramer on Wednesday, Nov, 25 2009
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doesnt matter kramer: this is the cutest baby u will ever see
Wednesday Aug 11th 2010
IL Simchat Bat of Adi Chana Amar (Skorecki) on Tuesday, Oct, 13 2009
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CA Simchat Bat of Shoshana Dick on Saturday, Jan, 17 2009
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Rochel Dick: she's a cutie petutie... mushy wushy Nice name we all approve! Or maybe we're just relieved you didn't name her resha.
Sunday Jan 18th 2009
ari and chana Rabinowitz: mazal tov! we really have to come see the cutie pie!
Sunday Jan 18th 2009
Simchat Bat of Tziporah Penina Brown on Wednesday, Dec, 17 2008
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julia fisher: hey i dont know u but ur baby is ADORABLE!!!!
Sunday Jun 13th 2010
doesnt matter kramer: u have no clue who u are and u have no clue who i am but ur baby is sooooooo cute u shuld have lots of nachas and may she live till 120
Wednesday Aug 11th 2010
Bracha Berman: bli iyan horah you have the most gorgeous baby i have ever seen! may you get much nachas from her and may she live till 120!
Sunday Sep 5th 2010
CA Simchat Bat of aga raizele rosenberg on Sunday, Dec, 07 2008
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Simchat Bat of Clara Alice Orah Chaya Siegel on Thursday, Jul, 17 2008
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Simchat Bat of yehuda & sarah rosenberg on Tuesday, Jun, 03 2008
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j ro: mazel tov to yiddy & suri you should have a lots of nachas from your new baby girl we are all besimcha here at the rosenberg family tatey momy shlomei moshe zisy
Thursday Jun 5th 2008
USA Simchat Bat of Rose Birnbaum on Sunday, May, 04 2008
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USA Simchat Bat of Ayla Eden Greenwald on Saturday, Apr, 26 2008
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Simchat Bat of Alyssa Morgan (Michelle & Ian) on Thursday, Mar, 27 2008
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Michelle Hagler - Adelstein: Aly-Mo, Mommy and Daddy love you so much! You have made this year one of excitement and very little sleep - but you are well worth it!
Monday Mar 24th 2008
Nolan and Carole Jacobs: To Alyssa Morgan Adelstein, May you be blessed with many, many more birthdays. May you grow to be a source of nuches to your parents,both sets of grandparents and, of course, all the great-granparents(BooBoo and Poppy and Grandma and Granpa). Love Carole and Nolan Jacobs
Thursday Mar 27th 2008
Eleanor c Adelstein: Dearest Alyssa What a year this has been. You have brought so much joy to Grandpa and Grandma Adelstein. You are a delight and we hope you grow to be a beautiful young lady who will continue to bring joy into all our lives. We love you a billion. Grandma & Grandpa Adelstein
Friday Mar 28th 2008
USA Simchat Bat of Esther Golda Hochberger (Alex and Bette) on Sunday, Feb, 10 2008
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Dorie Bofshever Ehrenreich: Princess Estee! We are so happy to have celebrated with you and your parents and your awesome big brother Baruch today! It was fun to see you all dressed up - we really apprecitated the mid-party wardrobe change which secured your status as a true diva. We hope to share many more happy times with you and your parents. Can't wait for all the fun that's in store! XOXO, Dorie, Josh and Evie
Sunday Feb 10th 2008
Simchat Bat of Elianna Reizel Rothstein on Monday, Dec, 10 2007
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Simchat Bat of Mali's 2nd B-day 2 Ike&Efrat Shain (mishkovsky) (sep-23) on Sunday, Oct, 28 2007
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Tamara and Chana Montal: Happy birthday to you..... :) Love, Chana Montal
Friday Nov 2nd 2007
chava malka revier: hey efrat, whazzup? your kid is precious! soo cute! well, mazal tov, from chava malka cooper-revier
Sunday Nov 18th 2007
UK Simchat Bat of 2nd birthday for raizy follman daughter of sendy & blimi on Friday, Aug, 10 2007
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avigail :-): I can't believe that OnlySImchas has not yet had one celebration of the momentous occasion when Brooklyn became part of our Sceptered Isle. Mazal tov, you've seen sense at last from a stranger across the pond!!
Sunday Aug 12th 2007
Chaya M Steinmann: Mazel Tov Raizy but a bigger Mazel Tov to all you Brooklyners who have at long last come to your senses and rejoined the Empire. Welcome back Cousins. May He who Blessed our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth - Bless all the loyal subjects of Brooklynshire for their great humility. As a life long citizen of the UK I forgive you all and welcome you back. PS don't expect your lousy dollar to get better just because of this!
Tuesday Aug 14th 2007
Simchat Bat of Elianna Tzipporah Fraser (mummy portnoy) on Wednesday, Aug, 08 2007
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USA Simchat Bat of Aliza Devorah Welner on Sunday, May, 13 2007
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Rebecca Welner: dear sara, ari, gabriel and aliza, mazel tov on such a beautiful simcha today. it was such a nice way to spend mother's day. we got a lot of nachas from all of you. may hashem continue to shower you with bracha, mazel and nachas from your precious children and may we continue to celebrate these type of smachot together. with love, mom and abba
Monday May 14th 2007
Gilah Rosenberg : You are still the cutest family ever! Mazal tov again on Aliza - She is beautiful!
Tuesday May 15th 2007
IL Simchat Bat of Sarena Nechama Hindin on Sunday, Mar, 11 2007
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Miriam (Elmaleh) & Russell Levy: Mazel Tov! The party looks beautiful and Sarena Nechama looks beautiful! Looking forward to meeting her in person! Love, Miriam, Russell, & Gershy
Sunday Mar 11th 2007
Aliza Fried: Dear Rivka and Eitan, MAZEL TOV!!!!! Choni and I want to wish you a huge mazel tov on your beautiful baby girl. May you bring her to Torah, Chupah, and Ma'asim tovim!!! All the best, Aliza and Choni
Monday Mar 26th 2007
Debra A Wunder: Mazal Tov! She is beautiful!! Love. Debra, Danny & Abigail
Monday Mar 26th 2007
IL Simchat Bat of Eliana Nechama Porath on Sunday, Mar, 04 2007
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e arfe: Dear Eliana -- you are so cute..we cant wait to meet you one day!! Tell your parents to come and visit we have lots of babysitters fighting to take care of, danielle, dj, anshel, ephraim and arlene and of course avichayil who've you met already!!
Tuesday Mar 6th 2007
e arfe: Eliana cute costume! Love, Danielle
Tuesday Mar 6th 2007
Chaviva Waxman: Mazel Tov!
Wednesday Aug 22nd 2007