The Vikings Win: Watch These Yeshiva Boys Go Wild!

An incredible catch - watch the joy in the room. Photo Credit: Chattanooga Times Free Press

Move Over, Gal – A New Female Jewish Superhero is Coming

(JTA) — A new leading woman is about to get her own superhero film. The character is much darker than Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman but...

Netanyahu Stumps the World-Famous Israeli Mentalist

Jerusalem - Acclaimed mentalist Lior Suchard appears to have met his match: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Suchard, who has wowed audiences around the world...

WATCH: What Ever Happened to the “Jewish Michael Jordan”?

A Jewish Orthodox basketball player from Baltimore was called "The Jewish Jordan" back in 1999. Where is he now? [youtube]

Israel is LITERALLY Flowing With Milk (and Honey)

A truck that was transporting milk to a warehouse in Jerusalem accidentally dumped a bunch of milk all over the street. Check out the...

Israeli Startup Invents a Technology to Avoid Infant Death in Cars

This Israeli startup invented an amazing technology that can identify any movements in a car, even the baby's heartbeat, so that the driver can...