Wedding-goers at this wedding in Yerushalayim had to avoid the 'splash zone' after the sprinklers in the wedding hall started spraying unexpectedly. [youtube]
The highly sought-after Jewish singer sange Adon Olam for this couple who got married yesterday in NY. Watch the beautiful song below. [youtube]
This touching clip reminds us that going the extra mile can really impact a person's life. The grandmother of the bride in this video was heartbroken that she was too sick to attend her granddaughter's wedding. So when her granddaughter took a few minutes on her wedding day to...
Becoming an animator for Disney is no easy feat. It's a highly competitive industry and many more people are rejected than accepted into the top jobs. But Saul Blinkoff was persistent. He applied multiple times to work for Disney as an animator, but he kept being turned down. Until...
An 18 year old guy with Down Syndrome pulled off a backwards, half court trick shot, causing the crowd to erupt in cheers! We can't get enough of this video, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. [youtube]
The Maccabeats traveled to London recently to perform for a wedding, and while they were there, they got to visit a few London must-sees. Check it out in their blog below: [youtube]
With Pesach approaching at the end of the month (sorry! We had to!), Jews all over the world are busy cleaning their houses of all leavened food products (and also the treasures that they find hidden in the sofa cushions). Pesach cleaning is enough to get one into the...


Yom Hazikaron Ceremony in Haredi Yeshiva

"One small step for a yeshiva, one giant leap for Judaism. The Hassidic Midrasha in Beitar led by Rabbi Menachem Bombach commemorates Yom Hazikaron."...

Gush Students Sing to Console Bereaved Mother

Bereaved Mother, Cheryl Mandel shared memories of her son today, Lt. Daniel Mandel z'l, who was killed in active duty chasing down terrorists in...

Powerful – At Michael Levin’s grave

Feel the pain of Yom Hazikaron. Listen to the siren - watch their faces..

This is How You Welcome a Chosson and Kallah to a Wedding in England!

Mazel Tov and OnlySimchas to Sammy Rotenberg (Gateshead/Manchester) and Rochel Borr (Manchester)