Even when you're facing challenges that seem impossible, never forget how loved you are!
Who knew political turmoil could be solved with dance? An exuberant 'na nacher' went to a Palestinian village and danced to 'na nach' on top of his car. A bunch of locals got into it and everyone seemed to have a nice time. [youtube]
A compassionate Jew stopped traffic to help a driver who needed his battery jump-started. What an amazing act of chessed!
Yideo Clips shared this amazing clip on their Facebook page about a UPS driver who just made his first shidduch!
Thanks to the fast action of an Israeli Arab, a young child in Bnei Brak was spared harm – or chas vesholom even worse. According to a report by Bichadrei Chareidim, the 8 year old child was on the 4th floor balcony after being locked out of an apartment on the...


Happy 40th Birthday Lipa and Mazel Tov to Naomi & Ari Klein on a...

And a huge Mazel Tov on Lipa's son Tulys' Bar Mitzvah this Shabbos..

This bride brought her wedding to her grandmother’s hospital room

This touching clip reminds us that going the extra mile can really impact a person's life. The grandmother of the bride in this video...

Healthy Potato Kugel Brought to You by Jamie Geller

Cauliflower Potato Kugel will change the way you think about kugel. Half the fat, half the cal's and... hubby approved. Cauliflower adds nutrition and...

Mazel Tov! Love in Mahane Yehudah!!

This has to make your day. Immediately after their wedding the couple went for a stroll in the shuk.

Happy 94th Birthday Papa!

Looks like an amazing party..

Make Someone Feel Good Today – Congrats Captain!

Very classy to do this during an actual flight ! Congrats to Southwest's newest captain!