In the Jewish Orthodox faith, men and women reserve physical touch until after the wedding ceremony. In this episode of World Wide Wed, we meet Hadassa and Ze'ev, a young couple who unite their souls in the holy mitzvah of marriage before they've even held hands.  (World Wide Wed)
Five-year-old Ari Schultz has already had three open heart surgeries in his short life. His reaction when he finds out he's going home after almost 200 days in the hospital will make your day! Watch here.
The Power of a Mother's Love: By Meir Kay
We found six non-observant Jews who had never tried to follow Kosher rules and asked them to give it a shot. There were a lot of rules. [youtube] A LOT! And it was very hard for the participants to find Kosher menus at restaurants. They also had to boil their dishes and utensils...
Watch Amazing Video: Camp Simcha Girl's "I Believe" Project: [youtube]
Art Garfunkel once summed up The Sound of Silence as "the inability of people to communicate with each other." Jew in the City discovered "the sound of silence" of 2017 and in collaboration with The Maccabeats will show you just how prophetic this nearly 50-year-old song is. [youtube]
Watch arrival day at Camp Simcha Special: [youtube]
Watch: Lipa Schmeltzer on Tu B'av. " What was the Yom Tov? The girls and boys dressed up nicely and walked the streets and Mazel Tov."
This how some people in the world take a hot bath..
Watch: The Meat Show- The Brooklyn Kid Whose Kosher Barbecue is Impressing the Best Pitmasters. Kosher BBQ Brisket at Izzy's Steakhouse. [youtube]
(Baltimore Jewish Life) The emotional highlight of Chai Lifeline’s International Annual Gala held last Monday was the debut of a new song called “We are Strong: The Faces of Hope.” The song was written by Malky Storch, Bracha Goldstein and Miriam Storch for their sister, Hudis, a’h. It was first...
Watch: Week 3 at Camp HASC "The Happiest Place on Earth"
Of all the kugels out there–potato, broccoli, sweet potato, and even carrot kugel–sweet noodle kugel is by far my favorite. Some are studded with raisins and cinnamon, some with dairy, some with cranberry. But we thought it would be fun to get a little wacky with noodle kugel and add some...


Can Simcha Leiner Eat as Big a Donut as Mordechai Shapiro?!

Watch Simcha Leiner's brilliant response to Mordechai Shapiro's first ever Chanukah donut challenge! "I nominate my friend @lipa_schmeltzer and @alexanderclare to keep this challenge going...

How Many of You Got a Sweater for Chanukah from Your Bubby?

Year after year and another sweater..

This is the Sweetest Video

A beautiful video that puts a smile on the face of everyone who sees it..