Looks like a ton of fun. What a phenomenal teacher!
This Israeli bus is already kosher for Pesach...
Experience an intimate chupa featuring Aryeh Kunstler singing Simcha Leiner's "Ribono" of his new album. [youtube]
Mario Lopez in clearly in love with Israel as he visits the Holy Land!
Sebastian Maniscalco is an American-Italian stand-up comedian. He attended his first Passover seder one year and was quite surprised when they started handing out "reading material" instead of starting the meal. And when they did finally start the meal, they gave out little pieces of celery and crackers! Where's...
Pesach is coming! Dun dun DUN. Six13 released this Game of Thrones cover for their Pesach parody video of the year, and it has everything you expect in a Pesach parody video. 'Authentic' costumes (what plastic wig?), clever lyrics, huge faces floating above mountains, and some very dramatic singing.
There is no shortage of Pesach-themed covers out there, but this one by Y-Studs is especially well done. It is based on Michael's Jackson's hit song, 'Thriller', and it covers the span of the seder with some well-crafted lyrics and the appropriate 'Thriller' dance moves. This video is 4...
Great video posted by Chuck Davidon on FaceBook..
As promised, here is the entire version of the song I have composed, Eshet Chayil / אשת חיל. Kudos to my producer, Shai Barak for help with the arrangement. We hope to have it available for the public shortly, perhaps by Lag Baomer, with a little Siata Dishmaya 😉!!...
After 16 years serving as Mayor of Yerushalayim, will he be our next prime minister? Would make a great candidate..
Just imagine for a moment if there was peace..
And he gonna try your Sephardi food.
ENSCHEDE, Netherlands (JTA) — For most matzah bakeries, Passover is their lifeline and only claim to financial viability. After the weeklong holiday, during which Jews are commanded to consume matzah to commemorate their ancestors’ hurried flight out of Egypt, demand for the famously tasteless cracker drops sharply. Except, that is, in the...
Happy Pesach! Who's in your SederCrew?
Fun and entertaining for all those out there spending every second cleaning for Pesach! OnlySimchas!!


Must Watch Video: Mazel Tov Alan!

The Musical Bar Mitzvah that Shocked Us All! This is the UNIQUE story, of a UNIQUE person, who had a UNIQUE Bar Mitzvah, with...

This is How You Welcome a Chosson and Kallah to a Wedding in England!

Mazel Tov and OnlySimchas to Sammy Rotenberg (Gateshead/Manchester) and Rochel Borr (Manchester)