NEW COMPOSITION - performed Monday and Wednesday nights in Berlin and Tel Aviv. Enjoy and please share!
We are so fortunate to be able to sing on the streets of Yerushalayim!
It may be a few years old, but this cover of 'Uptown Funk' by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson is so spot on that it deserves the spotlight for another year. Six13 adapted the hit song into a fun jam about what Pesach is really all about ('It's Pesach/change...
I finally got to sing this song! Love it! Nothing like getting backup from The Zemiros Group and Rhythm 5 ! - Posted by Uri Davidi on FB
There's never a bad time to watch the Maccabeats dress up as characters from the Passover story and cover the popular songs from Les Miserables. And with Pesach around the corner, it's even more appropriate for today's #throwbackthursday.
These 2 Jewish celebrities just collaborated in the most epic way! MBD isn't exactly familiar with the millennial ways of sharing and retweeting and selfie-ing, so Meir Kay sat down with him to give him some pointers. Watch this hilarious collaboration between 2 of the greats to see how...
In honor of Yom Hashoah which falls out this week, Koolulam invited 600 Holocaust survivors, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to sing together in a special project of Beit Avi Chai and Zikaron BaSalon. They sang the song “Chai” by Ofra Haza. The result was moving… The song Hai was written...
Simcha Leiner- V'Hinei / Neshoma 2. A Kumzitz In The Rain 3 3. Shirei Pinchas- Vezakeni (Free On Mostly Music) 4. Yossi Green- Aderaba (Free on Mostly Music) 5. Kumzitz in the Rain 2  
Behold! The Maccabeats have come out with the new Pesach music video you've all been waiting for. This one is called "Ma Nishtana". Sound familiar? Except this time, it's not purely a cappella. Though most sounds in this video are made by voice and mouth, some are also added sound...
Known for his signature FaceBook selfies (see below) and for his smiling presence at countless simchas daily, Chaim Kiss is one of a kind. Listen to him sing - Wow!
"I asked a man, I saw how many Jews in this town.."