We are so fortunate to be able to sing on the streets of Yerushalayim!
On Hanukkah we celebrate the victorious Jewish revolt, the liberation of Jerusalem, and the rededication of Temple 2,181 years ago.
Incredible Boi Beshalom entrance! @yedidiajaiat
  Watch this great video of Jewish singer, Mordechai Ben David, dancing with his granddaughter at her wedding. The video is filmed by none other than Lipa Schmeltzer and has some other surprises. Get OS News Live Updates  by email and never miss our top breaking stories    Source: Lipa Schmeltzer
The Vizel brothers of the Malchus choir sing 'Just One Shabbos' like you've never heard before! [youtube] Get OnlySimchas News Live Updates  by email and never miss our top breaking stories   
Music at Jewish weddings can be pretty predictable. Burich Yida Holzer took it up a notch with a harmonica solo: [youtube]
I finally got to sing this song! Love it! Nothing like getting backup from The Zemiros Group and Rhythm 5 ! - Posted by Uri Davidi on FB
Earlier this month, OS News brought you a 'Chassidic' rapper named Goldberg AKA 'Hard Charlie', performing at the Redline Subway station in Chicago and straphangers were excited to see his performance. Now, hear the 'Yeshivish' rapper version, 'Sammy K',  belt out a rhyme from his amazing new CD,  "Kosher Kosher". [youtube] I think...
A Chassidic man amazed Subway crowds by rapping his own hip ho tunes. The rapper's last name is Goldberg but he goes by the professional name of Hard Charlie. Goldberg performed at the Redline station in Chicago and said that people very excited to see a Jewish rapper. I performed for four...
And the winner of best A Capella Pesach video goes to Emma Stone of La La Land! Just kidding, it actually goes to Jewish A Capella group,  Y-Studs. Their new song is a Pesach-themed cover of the musical La La Land's opening song, "Another Day of Sun" The Y-Studs, or the "Yeshiva...
Behold! The Maccabeats have come out with the new Pesach music video you've all been waiting for. This one is called "Ma Nishtana". Sound familiar? Except this time, it's not purely a cappella. Though most sounds in this video are made by voice and mouth, some are also added sound...
Aviv Sasson, a soldier in IDF army reserves, performed an original edition of Hava Nagila like you've never heard it before. Not only is this uniformed soldier playing Hava Nagila on a flute, but then he takes it one step further and starts to beatbox the song on the flute. Watch...

This is Just Beautiful!

Check this out - absolutely marvelous and uplifting..


The Vikings Win: Watch These Yeshiva Boys Go Wild!

An incredible catch - watch the joy in the room. Photo Credit: Chattanooga Times Free Press

Move Over, Gal – A New Female Jewish Superhero is Coming

(JTA) — A new leading woman is about to get her own superhero film. The character is much darker than Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman but...

Netanyahu Stumps the World-Famous Israeli Mentalist

Jerusalem - Acclaimed mentalist Lior Suchard appears to have met his match: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Suchard, who has wowed audiences around the world...

WATCH: What Ever Happened to the “Jewish Michael Jordan”?

A Jewish Orthodox basketball player from Baltimore was called "The Jewish Jordan" back in 1999. Where is he now? [youtube]

Israel is LITERALLY Flowing With Milk (and Honey)

A truck that was transporting milk to a warehouse in Jerusalem accidentally dumped a bunch of milk all over the street. Check out the...

Israeli Startup Invents a Technology to Avoid Infant Death in Cars

This Israeli startup invented an amazing technology that can identify any movements in a car, even the baby's heartbeat, so that the driver can...