This will put a smile on your face! Video credit: Ari Stock
There's never a bad time to watch the Maccabeats dress up as characters from the Passover story and cover the popular songs from Les Miserables. And with Pesach around the corner, it's even more appropriate for today's #throwbackthursday.
(JTA) — Itzhak Perlman, arguably the most famous violinist in the world, has heard plenty of questions in his 50-year career. But when asked if his religious heritage has affected his playing, he sounds stumped. “I’m a violinist. I’m Jewish, so that makes me a Jewish musician,” he tells JTA on...
This kid has skills..
There are many things Koreans and Hasidic Jews have in common: An emphasis on studying, good food, and even the Talmud. Shockingly though, the music of these two very different cultures often sounds the same as well. Try it for yourself with the quiz from the website It's harder than...
Shlock Rock has played more than 2,000 concerts worldwide, including in all 50 American states • Will the musical "Daniel in Babylon" be the next "Joseph"? • Host Steve Ganot speaks with musician Lenny Solomon about Shlock Rock and the Four Corners Project. Shlock Rock is a Jewish Rock Band...
Onlysimchas' Sean Littman managed to score an exclusive interview with international recording artist, Nissim, as well as his producer Yisroel Laub who runs LittleBoxRecords in Jerusalem. Nissim's new album is titled "Lemala". No small feat considering that Nissim does not usually grant interviews and does not have email, Whatsapp or...
Meilech Kohn is back with his new album Yeder Einer! Zusha & Pumpidisa feat. Matt Dubb – Baruch Hashem [youtube] 3. Amram Adar – Rabi Nachman [youtube] 4. AVRAHAM FRIED - KAMA TOV SHENIFGASHNU
  Watch this great video of Jewish singer, Mordechai Ben David, dancing with his granddaughter at her wedding. The video is filmed by none other than Lipa Schmeltzer and has some other surprises. Get OS News Live Updates  by email and never miss our top breaking stories    Source: Lipa Schmeltzer


Happy 94th Birthday Papa!

Looks like an amazing party..

Rabbi, Should We Tell People Who Do Spring Cleaning for Pesach that it is...

Great question and good answer.. Rabbi should we tell people which do spring cleaning for Pesach that it is not a Mitzvah?

Mazel Tov! Love in Mahane Yehudah!!

This has to make your day. Immediately after their wedding the couple went for a stroll in the shuk.

Healthy Potato Kugel Brought to You by Jamie Geller

Cauliflower Potato Kugel will change the way you think about kugel. Half the fat, half the cal's and... hubby approved. Cauliflower adds nutrition and...

Happy 40th Birthday Lipa and Mazel Tov to Naomi & Ari Klein on a...

And a huge Mazel Tov on Lipa's son Tulys' Bar Mitzvah this Shabbos..