A beautiful voice and a beautiful message! ShanahTovah & OnlySimchas!
"FINALLY!!! We were able to sing HIS SONG IN HIS HOME!!! After so many years crying so many tears..... He was reunited with his righteous wife and of the many things he taught us..WHEN YOU TRULY HAVE TRUST IN THE ONE ABOVE MIRACLES WILL HAPPEN!!! Was a night...
The Vizel brothers of the Malchus choir sing 'Just One Shabbos' like you've never heard before! [youtube] Get OnlySimchas News Live Updates  by email and never miss our top breaking stories   
By far the coolest music group out of Israel! Check them out! Yonina!
"I asked a man, I saw how many Jews in this town.."
What a voice and an incredibly moving song..
Known for his signature FaceBook selfies (see below) and for his smiling presence at countless simchas daily, Chaim Kiss is one of a kind. Listen to him sing - Wow!
Mazel tov to the Craimers on their being honored at the Sinai dinner this coming Sunday!
On Hanukkah we celebrate the victorious Jewish revolt, the liberation of Jerusalem, and the rededication of Temple 2,181 years ago.
Who is the real Uncle Moishy? That's the question that was recently thrown at the doorstep of the Machon Le'Hora'ah, a private beis din in Monsey, NY, led by Rabbi Avraham Boruch Rosenberg. A business dispute between creators of the favorite children's entertainment character has led the rabbis to rule on who owns...
Check out this stunning new music video from Matt Dub. [youtube]
Music at Jewish weddings can be pretty predictable. Burich Yida Holzer took it up a notch with a harmonica solo: [youtube]
I finally got to sing this song! Love it! Nothing like getting backup from The Zemiros Group and Rhythm 5 ! - Posted by Uri Davidi on FB
Enjoy this short video - starts with some great laughs and then transitions to a beautiful song by Shim Cramer and sons!


Happy 40th Birthday Lipa and Mazel Tov to Naomi & Ari Klein on a...

And a huge Mazel Tov on Lipa's son Tulys' Bar Mitzvah this Shabbos..

This bride brought her wedding to her grandmother’s hospital room

This touching clip reminds us that going the extra mile can really impact a person's life. The grandmother of the bride in this video...

Healthy Potato Kugel Brought to You by Jamie Geller

Cauliflower Potato Kugel will change the way you think about kugel. Half the fat, half the cal's and... hubby approved. Cauliflower adds nutrition and...

Mazel Tov! Love in Mahane Yehudah!!

This has to make your day. Immediately after their wedding the couple went for a stroll in the shuk.

Make Someone Feel Good Today – Congrats Captain!

Very classy to do this during an actual flight ! Congrats to Southwest's newest captain!

Beautiful Rendition of “Lecha Dodi”

AMAZING! "Lecha Dodi" sung to "Perfect.."