This is Just Beautiful!

Check this out - absolutely marvelous and uplifting..
Serious ruach at the MitzvahTantz last night in Borough Park, Brooklyn. Mazel Tov & OnlySimchas!
"Walking to Kol Nidrei Erev Yom Kippur on the holy streets of Jerusalem with the amazing Pini Einhorn and an awesome choir. What a beautiful and uplifting davening. As we were walking to the historical Heichal Shlomo, we were singing on the street. We found ourselves walking besides this...
A trip down memory lane! This is excellent!

Shanah Tovah from Kippalive!

We wish you all a year full of music, dance and great times! Shana Tovah! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿฏ๐Ÿท ืžืื—ืœื™ื ืœื›ื ืฉื ื” ืžืœืื” ื‘ืžื•ืกื™ืงื”, ืจื™ืงื•ื“ื™ื ืฉืžื—ื”! ืฉื ื” ื˜ื•ื‘ื” ื•ืžืชื•ืงื”!
A beautiful voice and a beautiful message! ShanahTovah & OnlySimchas!
By far the coolest music group out of Israel! Check them out! Yonina!
Known for his signature FaceBook selfies (see below) and for his smiling presence at countless simchas daily, Chaim Kiss is one of a kind. Listen to him sing - Wow!
Welcoming the Chosson to his special moment under the Chupah! - Chaim David Berson, The Zemiros Group, accompanied by the Nafshenu Orchestra, led by Shimmy Markowitz.
Enjoy this short video - starts with some great laughs and then transitions to a beautiful song by Shim Cramer and sons!
Great voice, great song! Keep it coming Avraham Fried!
Check out this stunning new music video from Matt Dub. [youtube]


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