72 soldiers in the IDF's all-female Combat Hummer Operators Unit completed basic training and their beret march! Congratulations!
Over sukkot, a two-year old little boy wondered out of his family’s sukkah and found his way to a pond. This little boy, named Elchanan, somehow managed to slip away without his parents noticing and unfortunately was found minutes later, completely submerged underwater and pulseless. Two of our responders,...
Small forward Omri Casspi, who signed a one-year, veteran’s minimum deal with the team in July, sat out out Golden State’s exhibition Saturday evening against Denver to observe Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year in Judaism. Omri Moshe Casspi (Hebrew: עומרי משה כספי‎‎, born June 22, 1988) is...
Mazel Tov Ayelet Gitler on Your Bat Mitzvah! [youtube]
Mazal tov!! These are some of the newborn babies born on Rosh Hashanah at various hospitals throughout Israel. Posted by Alan Silver on FaceBook
53 thousand flowers in all colors decorate dozens of gardens in beautiful Jerusalem. How lucky are all those that are there for the Chagim! Posted by Nir Barkat, the Mayor of Jerusalem
Listen to the video carefully. Bibi asks about all the photographers taking photos - that is Chilul Shabbat, he states.. He is answered that there a few more minutes till Shabbat Starts..
When your mom flies across the world to come see your tekes hashba and she doesn't even tell you. I love you Rivkah Isaacs. Thank you nefesh bnefesh for making this happen!!! Best surprise ever!!
THE BEST LUXURY VACATION RENTALS in Jerusalem...Period!   VIP Jerusalem Hospitality, The Best Luxury Rentals in Jerusalem brings you the best of both worlds.   After researching for the best company for vacation rentals in Jerusalem we found the winner: With amazing apartments in the Holy Land coupled with American service they aim to...
Great summer fun outside the walls of the old city! Post by @uripilichowski
For those who don't know, one can order a religious, Sabbath observant taxi driver by requesting the "Mehadrin" option via Gett. It may take a few minutes longer, but it's a worthwhile institution to support. Thanks to @joshuawander for posting this information on his FaceBook Page
Check out these photos of Bibi and Sara from earlier today near the city of Susia. The Netanyahu's have experienced tremendous stress recently given Sara's indictment as well as the various ongoing investigations of Bibi in addition to all their regular responsibilities. Despite it all, they made sure to...
  In a surprising move, Google Maps added a 360 degree view of the Beis HaMikdash in honor of Tisha B'Av. It has yet to be determined if image will stay up, or be removed due to controversy. We should merit to see it with our own eyes. Check it out...


Can Simcha Leiner Eat as Big a Donut as Mordechai Shapiro?!

Watch Simcha Leiner's brilliant response to Mordechai Shapiro's first ever Chanukah donut challenge! "I nominate my friend @lipa_schmeltzer and @alexanderclare to keep this challenge going...

This is the Sweetest Video

A beautiful video that puts a smile on the face of everyone who sees it..

Yoni Z Sings USA National Anthem for the Miami Heat on Chanukah

"Thank You, Miami Heat for another incredible Chanukah with you! I’m humbled and honored every time again!" For Jewish Heritage Night. Yoni Z