This took place in Brooklyn a few nights ago. "חסדי השם כי לא תמנו" Till 120..
Guests of Chai Lifeline at the 2017 Annual Gala were privileged to be the first to hear a brilliant, poignant song written by Malky Storch, Bracha Goldstein, and Miriam Storch in memory of their beloved sister, Hudis, a'h. They sang it to Hudis for the first time a few...
A truly beautiful moment.. Posted by Eliyohu Mintz on FaceBook
It’s been nearly four years since Danielle and Shlomo tied the knot. Both of them have special needs. This is their inspiring love story. Read more about their story at The Jewish Journal
Absolutely incredible and moving chuppah for my beautiful daughter's wedding last night by one of the greatest, most talented singers around Uri Davidi, accompanied by the most energetic and incredibly talented band EvanAl Orchestra. Words cannot describe how we feel and our gratitude for the special night and powerful...
Everyone has days where they feel like Failure is out to get them. But in his latest music video, Mordechai Shapiro reminds us that Failure can be defeated! You just have to show him whose boss.
Amazing moment at last nights Renewal event in Teaneck, NJ.
Dear Parents, It has been a difficult few days. The horrific, double tragedy that occurred on Chol Hamoed has hit not only two of our families, but our community and Klal Yisroel as a whole. What is our task, going forward? First and foremost, we have to be nosei b'ol with the two...
See the full story at New Jersey Fox5NY
It's easy to find stories about the political strife in Israel, and it seems that every day there are more and more articles showing the Jewish/Muslim divide. But sitting quietly in a library in Ariel University are two people who are breaking those barriers. Rabbi Aaron Katzoff, a Rabbi...
They woke up at the crack of dawn to appear on Breakfast Television Montreal and represent Team Lifeline, Camp Simcha, and Donald Berman Chai Lifeline Montreal.
Tune into Good Morning America, channel 7, this Friday, Dec. 8 at 8:15 am to hear our story and help save Benny and Josh. See the whole story HERE


Must Watch Video: Mazel Tov Alan!

The Musical Bar Mitzvah that Shocked Us All! This is the UNIQUE story, of a UNIQUE person, who had a UNIQUE Bar Mitzvah, with...

This is How You Welcome a Chosson and Kallah to a Wedding in England!

Mazel Tov and OnlySimchas to Sammy Rotenberg (Gateshead/Manchester) and Rochel Borr (Manchester)