Watch Simcha Leiner's brilliant response to Mordechai Shapiro's first ever Chanukah donut challenge! "I nominate my friend @lipa_schmeltzer and @alexanderclare to keep this challenge going - and let’s help feed those who can not afford the basics." - Simcha Here is Mordechai's challenge to Simcha from earlier this week:
It's the season of joy, lights, family and DOUGHNUTS! WATCH UNTIL THE END... Wishing you and your family a Happy Chanukah & Happy Holidays! Thank you Pomegranate Supermarket Reismans Bakery & Quicksilver Capital for partnering up on this special project. Like Meir Kay On Facebook Add @MeirKay On Instagram
Stop by the Warner Theater in Torrington and the fellow dressed in a red suit and cap with a long white beard is a proud Yid! Every day of the year Chabadniks put on #teffilin with those who their exterior look doesn’t reflect their beautiful Yiddisheh Neshomo! But the Rebbes...
The year is 1932. This menorah, overlooking the Nazi HQ in Kiel, Germany, survived persecution. And today, it is bringing joy to the descendants of its owners. In Israel. Light always wins over darkness. Happy Hanukkah!
"Looking for parking on my block in Flatbush can sometimes take an hour. Today after 3/4 of an hour of waiting I saw a driver get into his car. I pulled in behind him waiting for him to leave. while he was leaving a car pulled up to his...
See the full story at New Jersey Fox5NY
Guests of Chai Lifeline at the 2017 Annual Gala were privileged to be the first to hear a brilliant, poignant song written by Malky Storch, Bracha Goldstein, and Miriam Storch in memory of their beloved sister, Hudis, a'h. They sang it to Hudis for the first time a few...
Tune into Good Morning America, channel 7, this Friday, Dec. 8 at 8:15 am to hear our story and help save Benny and Josh. See the whole story HERE
JERUSALEM, Dec. 4 – An elderly Holocaust survivor who came to Israel to escape the civil war in Ukraine fulfilled his lifelong wish to pray at the Western Wall (Kotel), the most holly site to the Jewish world. Avraham Takotch, 90, was born in Donetsk, Ukraine, and had never before...
Great mussar lesson for all of us..
Denis Estimon knows the feeling of eating alone, so he started a club at his high school called "We Dine Together."
The campaign has thus far raised $382,000. TO donate Click HERE.. The following is a letter from the family: We are getting close to funding hope! I have no words to express the gratitude that has filled our hearts. When we first reached out to the community, we had lofty dreams of...
Great late night advice from the one and only Lipa!
Never forget what we are still missing..
63 new immigrants hailing from across the US and Canada are setting off today on their new journey and life in Israel! Mazel Tov & OnlySimchas to all of them!


Can Simcha Leiner Eat as Big a Donut as Mordechai Shapiro?!

Watch Simcha Leiner's brilliant response to Mordechai Shapiro's first ever Chanukah donut challenge! "I nominate my friend @lipa_schmeltzer and @alexanderclare to keep this challenge going...

This is the Sweetest Video

A beautiful video that puts a smile on the face of everyone who sees it..

Another Great One by the Maccabeats Just in Time for Chanukah!

Music video for "Candles on the Sill," a parody of "Castle on the Hill" originally performed by Ed Sheeran [youtube] Video by Uri Westrich [email protected]

Yoni Z Sings USA National Anthem for the Miami Heat on Chanukah

"Thank You, Miami Heat for another incredible Chanukah with you! I’m humbled and honored every time again!" For Jewish Heritage Night. Yoni Z