Professor Robert Kelly was breaking down the ramifications of the impeachment of South Korea President live on BBC when his two young kids came stumbling into the live camera frame. [youtube] "I think one of your children's just walked in," noted the anchor. Professor Kelly, while maintaining his composure and...
We all know the story of Purim. But have we ever heard Donald Trump tell the story of Purim? Well we probably never will, but this video may be as close as we'll ever get. David Sidman, a Jerusalemite with a killer Donald Trump impression, is here to provide you with...
Fans of comedy living in Israel are rejoicing after the announcement that American comedian Brian Regan will be headlining four shows in Israel this May as part of the Comedy for Koby tour. Regan, 59, is known as the comedian's comedian, has earned his fame with his offbeat observational comedy...
No, Trump didn't actually give a Kiddush sermon, but  YU's Kol Hamevaser Purim Section brings you this hilarious impersonation. [youtube] Get OS News Live Updates  by email and never miss our top breaking stories   
The lines, the food, the cats... The Israeli website Mako asked a number of people who immigrated to Israel recently to talk about how life looks for those who only just got there - and their answers are only too correct. Watch it here (in Hebrew and English with Hebrew...
Yeshiva university cleverly lampooned the Oscars gaffe when the ‘Best Picture Announcement’ was flubbed, with this spoof picture showing La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz showing who the real winner is. They are 100 sure about this message and so are we. Shabbat Shalom and have a great and restful weekend!


Can Simcha Leiner Eat as Big a Donut as Mordechai Shapiro?!

Watch Simcha Leiner's brilliant response to Mordechai Shapiro's first ever Chanukah donut challenge! "I nominate my friend @lipa_schmeltzer and @alexanderclare to keep this challenge going...

This is the Sweetest Video

A beautiful video that puts a smile on the face of everyone who sees it..

Yoni Z Sings USA National Anthem for the Miami Heat on Chanukah

"Thank You, Miami Heat for another incredible Chanukah with you! I’m humbled and honored every time again!" For Jewish Heritage Night. Yoni Z

Another Great One by the Maccabeats Just in Time for Chanukah!

Music video for "Candles on the Sill," a parody of "Castle on the Hill" originally performed by Ed Sheeran [youtube] Video by Uri Westrich [email protected]

Watch: Bukharian Jews Lighting the Menorah

Great to see all different types of Jewish tradition celebrated on the chag.