"I can't believe they let me do this" - Meir
(The Nosher) Everyone loves cookies, and we Jews are no different. Our cookies are diverse, originating from all over the world. But there’s no question: they are all delicious. Here’s our official ranking of Jewish cookies based on taste testing, research, and of course, feedback from our readers.   Rugelach Rugelach are...
"People always ask me why I made Aliyah so I decided to ask them why not?" - Ariel Leah Cohen recently started IsraeLife, check it out and #LiveLoveIsrael
Great advice for all of us!
SUNNYVALE, Calif. (JTA) — Before she boarded the plane from Israel to Silicon Valley, Darya Henig Shaked already was bucking stereotypes of women in tech. Among married Israeli techies in the Bay Area, it’s assumed that the man in the marriage was the one who obtained a work visa to...
"I love surprises but I love getting presents that I ACTUALLY want even more!" - Flatbush Girl
(JTA) — Ever wonder if you have a lookalike on a museum wall? If so, you’re not alone — Google’s Arts & Culture app’s face matching feature is taking social media by storm. This weekend, thousands of Facebook and Instagram users uploaded screenshots of selfies to the new app. The Google app scours...
Smile - Shabbos is just hours away!
The energy in a room filled with 3000 of the Rebbe's Shluchos, powerful Women from across the globe.. L'chaim!
Thank you for making them a BBQ. Keep up your amazing work! Also a huge THANK YOU and HAKARAT HATOV to the IDF for all you do keeping Jews around the world safe!
Great mussar lesson for all of us..
Check out this 1966 celebratory parade in Haifa for Yom Ha'atsmaut.
See the full story at New Jersey Fox5NY
Remember to always care for the homeless person on the street, especially as the weather gets colder..
Unbelievable - Check out this amazing video! We highly recommend to get your raffle ticket ASAP! (It's only 20 NIS or $5 per ticket!) Please contact Michal's father, Eli Shine, to place your order. If you win, enjoy the breakfast at the Waldorf, a massage, or a free 45...