IL Aliyah of Nefesh B'Nefesh on Wednesday, Mar, 26 2014
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Doron z Katz: Mazel tov! Jealous! OnlySimchas!
Wednesday Mar 26th 2014
USA Aliyah of Happy Purim! on Sunday, Mar, 16 2014
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IL Aliyah of Nefesh B'Nefesh on Wednesday, Feb, 12 2014
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IL Aliyah of Nefesh B'Nefesh on Tuesday, Dec, 24 2013
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Doron z Katz: Amazing! Mazel Tov!
Thursday Dec 26th 2013
USA Aliyah of Happy Chanukah! on Wednesday, Nov, 27 2013
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Stella Gindi: Happy Chanukah:)
Thursday Nov 28th 2013
IL Aliyah of Nefesh B'Nefesh on Tuesday, Nov, 12 2013
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Doron z Katz: Mazel Tov. We are really excited to see all of you on OnlySimchas! V'shavu banim l'gvulam. Mazel tov NBN!
Tuesday Nov 12th 2013
Shira R Katz: mazal tov!
Wednesday Nov 13th 2013
USA Aliyah of 300 + making aliyah today with Nefesh B'Nefesh (JFK airport) on Monday, Aug, 12 2013
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Nancy Androphy: Mazel Tov to Rabbi Sam and Malka (Melinda) Kieffer on making aliyah! Best of luck to them, and to everyone else who flew to Israel today with Nefesh B'Nefesh.
Monday Aug 12th 2013
Aliyah of Dina and Ilan Making-Aliyah on Monday, Aug, 05 2013
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IL Aliyah of Margolis Family on Tuesday, Sep, 04 2012
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Miriam Bender: Mazel tov on this big they say shana makom...shana mazel....may you only have much mazel, brocha and happines....Sidney and Miram Bender (Gerstle) and family
Tuesday Sep 4th 2012
USA Aliyah of Traci Siegel on Thursday, Jul, 12 2012
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IL Aliyah of chava (krauss) alex chanah and tehilla gofer on Thursday, Jul, 12 2012
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eli krauss: welcome home to my awesome sister and nieces and cant wait to spend a lifetime together in israel . love you!
Tuesday Jul 17th 2012
kim leveine: Mazal Tov to the Engagement of Mira Russ parents of Jack and Pam Russ of Montreal Quebec, to David Yifrah of Germantown, Maryland Mazal tov!
Tuesday Jul 17th 2012
dara b schwartz: Hi Chava, Not sure if you remember me, I went to dental school with you! So nice to see that you made aliyah! I remember you telling me that you were planning it! Mazal Tov! and welcome to Israel! :)
Wednesday Jul 18th 2012
Aliyah of Josh and Rachel Weinstein and Family on Tuesday, Jul, 12 2011
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USA Aliyah of Ethan & Simone Goldsmith & Family on Monday, Jul, 11 2011
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Chana Zelasko: Mazel and Bracha.
Thursday Jul 14th 2011
ben ebstein: mazel tov
Tuesday Aug 30th 2011
Minnie Mouse: mazal tov on the big move! may it prove to be a rewarding one! WE LOVE ISRAEL! sincerely, minnie mouse
Monday Aug 13th 2012
IL Aliyah of Avi and Atarah (Fettman) Block & family on Tuesday, Dec, 28 2010
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Serach & Ezzie: mazal tov! my sis in law and family made al;iyah to rechovot in the summer, let me know if you need them for anything! gl!
Thursday Dec 30th 2010
estie and ben fried: Mazel Tov Morah Atarah!! We're so excited for you and your family. We miss you already! Yosef Fried and Family
Sunday Jan 2nd 2011
Gabi & Dena (Brodman) Krinsky: Mazel Tov Block family! So happy and excited for you! Wishing you much Hatzlacha in Eretz Yisroel!
Wednesday Jan 5th 2011
Aliyah of Dobkin family on Thursday, Aug, 19 2010
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CA Aliyah of Max Saltzman on Wednesday, Aug, 18 2010
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Aviah A saltzman: MAZEL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see you soon!
Friday Feb 25th 2011
USA Aliyah of Ilana Frankel on Tuesday, Jul, 06 2010
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Zevi Goldberg: Ilana, we are so proud of you! Love, M, Z and M
Wednesday Jul 7th 2010
glenn frankel: Ilana - Saying goodbye at JFK was bittersweet, yet seeing your face upon your arrival in Israel and seeing and hearing the words of love and encouragement from your many friends has helped make this transition far sweeter. We love you and we are all so very proud of you. Mazal Tov!
Thursday Jul 8th 2010
meir d moore: ilana i was brought to tears when word came out about your departure.america has lost a diamond a marvel america's last sparkly pearl is leaving us in the wilderness without no compass to follow or dog to lead we are like an egged bus driver who's coming towards a turn in the road but hasnt got a steering wheel and he really really wants a steering wheel thats how much we and america need you ilana.we are without out northen star.our quenn has gone elsewhere. we wish you the best of luck in the holy land may you become greater than you where in america a the queen of the middle east
Sunday Aug 1st 2010
UK Aliyah of Rafi Margulies on Saturday, Mar, 06 2010
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Kiryat Shomrei Emunim : Couldn't keep away from yeshua - could you?
Saturday Mar 6th 2010
refoel moore: wow your looks really improved, meir said you went for a face lift...!
Sunday Mar 7th 2010
stropkov crew: HEY GIRAFFE! That new look IS KING! LUV ALL @
Wednesday Apr 7th 2010
USA Aliyah of OnlySimchas Team Sponsors T-shirt Toss at MSG on Sunday, Oct, 18 2009
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IL Aliyah of Dina Rappaport on Tuesday, Sep, 15 2009
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sarah goldstuck: MAZEL TOV :)
Tuesday Sep 22nd 2009
Aliza Moskowitz: Mazel Tov Dini!!!!
Sunday Oct 18th 2009
gedalia lang: mazeltov on your aliyah
Tuesday Dec 29th 2009