Thousands Attend Anti-BDS Summit at United Nations Headquarters More than 2,000 Israel advocates and supporters convened at the United Nations headquarters in New York Wednesday to speak out against the.... Full Story »

Pastrami-Filled Zucchini Ravioli

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Pro-Israel Jew at AIPAC Shuts Down Anti-Israel Jewish Protesters at AIPAC

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Israeli Kids Try Their Hand at One of the Busiest Matzah Bakeries in the World

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WATCH: Pesach Cleaning at the Kotel

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Holocaust Survivor Spots Himself & Brother in Concentration Camp Picture While Surfing Online

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Jewish Voice For Peace Defends Jew-Killing Palestinian Terrorist Rasmea Odeh

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WATCH: Anne Bayefsky Condemns UN's Treatment of Israel

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2,000-Year-Old Jewish Community Unearthed Near Beit Shemesh Pictured above: An aerial view of the newly discovered 2,000-year-old Jewish community near Beit Shemesh, Israel. Credit: Emil Aladjem,.... Full Story »

OnlySimchas is looking to raise $34,500 to help 115 fatherless boys get Tefillin!

115 FATHERLESS BOYS NEED OUR HELP TO CELEBRATE THEIR BAR MITZVAH Last year you helped us raise over $22,000 to help Colel Chabad.... Full Story »

Orthodox British Comedian Explains How "Meshuga Frum" He is on Music

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